Oman wellness: Importance of breastfeeding

Lifestyle Saturday 04/November/2017 19:29 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman wellness: Importance of breastfeeding

We would like to help mother’s breastfeed with confidence by answering some of their breastfeeding questions and help other moms who may have a similar question.
I have a 13-month-old boy who is still heavily breastfed and have just discovered that I am pregnant again. Am I at higher risk of miscarriage?
Many mothers continue to breastfeed their toddlers while they are pregnant without any issues at all. Your breastfeeding toddler may think that your milk tastes a little different or notice that your breast milk supply has dropped slightly during pregnancy, but this is not a reason to wean your little one.

Can I breastfeed if I did not breastfeed my three children earlier. I want to breastfeed the 4th baby but I do not know if I can?
Our bodies were designed to be able to breastfeed with each child whether it is our first or 10th. To make sure that you are confident and ready to start, read as much as you can to get ready for the baby’s birth. Then start trying to breastfeed as soon after delivery as you can. If you have a friend, relative or lactation consultant who can be there to give you some points, that may help too.

What food should I avoid when breastfeeding?
Breastfeeding moms can usually enjoy a variety of different foods while nursing. Although these foods may change the taste of your breast milk, most babies are not bothered by these differences. In fact, he or she probably enjoys a little variety. However, there are some common foods that you may want to watch more closely than others.

My baby just turned six months old and about two weeks ago he started waking up every two or three hours at night I am exhausted. He takes a good nap during the day and he eats baby food three times a day. He does not nurse like this during the day. I really need some advice?
It is very likely that your little baby is simply having a growth spurt. Babies usually have an initial spurt between one and three weeks and another between six and eight weeks. Then you can expect them again at three months, six months, and nine months. These growth spurts normally last only a couple of days, so you should be getting more sleep again soon. Try encouraging him to feed more often during the day so that he is not as hungry in the night.

I just took my daughter in for her nine month examination and her weight and length were below the standard. Is it possible that I am stunting her growth because she is not eating solid food?
Some parents choose to exclusively breastfeed their children for longer than the recommended six months. The proper introduction of complementary food after 6 month with continuation of breastfeeding will help her growing well.

I was wondering if it is normal for me to get sick frequently while nursing?
It is not ironic that your baby is so healthy, because you are still supplying great antibodies to keep your little one protected from germs. Keep eating right and try to get a little extra sleep and you should start feeling healthy again soon.
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Dr Amel Ibrahim is from Department of Nutrition /DGHA/MOH