Amazing tale of children's talent told by the pictures they clicked in Oman

Energy Wednesday 01/November/2017 20:52 PM
By: Times News Service
Amazing tale of children's talent told by the pictures they clicked in Oman

Muscat: A series of stunning images have been created by a photography class made up of schoolchildren.
In pictures: Unbelievable snaps taken by children in Oman
The children, between the ages of 10 and 18, took part in ‘Sawara’— a photography team run by children from the Childhood Care Centre in Oman.
The young people’s journey with the camera began when a professional photographer in 2015 offered training courses in the basics of photography. The class attracted 60 students.
The photographer decided to bring a professional group of colleagues to help teach the children. The results are stunning. He took the children on photographic trips, to different types of photography, such as photography of nature, wildlife and everyday life.
As a result, the Sawara team is conducting a number of training workshops for other children.
Mohsen, 14, said: “In the first attempt I was reluctant to hold the camera of the coach because it is expensive and I am afraid to fall and break it; I was not quick to change the camera settings and I was shy to portray the lives of people, which is my favourite type of photography.”
“Photography trips helped me identify different locations in the Sultanate, I had never known about them.”
“Right now, after a series of journeys and experiences, I have become more courageous in taking the picture and socialising. I also enjoy providing workshops for other children,” Mohsen added.
“My main goal in presenting the workshops for the children at the centre is to convey my experience in photography and the sense of trust that photography has given to me, and the workshops helped me get closer to the children at the Childhood Care Centre and I became more confident in my abilities and talents.” Muna, 18, said.
“The planning of the workshops and events helped us to develop our leadership skills and to be more responsible, and the enthusiasm of the team helped me to continue,” Muna added.
“I always like to follow the work of professional photographers to develop my skills, and my dream is to create more and more professional level photography.”
The aim of the team is to enhance the personality of the children, to train them in self-reliance, to graduate professional photographers and to enable photography to become a source of income for the children.