TEDx Volunteers sharing their experiences in Oman

T-Mag Wednesday 01/November/2017 19:45 PM
By: Times News Service
TEDx Volunteers sharing their experiences in Oman

There is much that today’s youth don’t agree upon. You might like Barcelona, he might like Manchester United, she prefers Real Madrid. You might think Pepsi’s the greatest invention since sliced bread, he might think nothing’s as good as sliced bread.

That being said, there’s not much in common between us, those that preceded us, and those that have (or, most likely will) come after us, either. The exasperating muttering of that phrase ‘kids these days’ is something you’ve either said to or received from someone. If you haven’t, you’re likely to hear it soon. And on this occasion, trust me, it’s just as bad to give as it is to receive.

One that does unite all of us, though, is inspiration: It is the glue that has bound society since times immemorial, and will continue to do so, however wrong you might think I am. TED have always held the gold standard for inspiration and ideas, and now, Oman’s very own have decided to spread this endeavour.

TEDxQurum is headed to Oman on November 11, and it was only natural to catch up with some of the people who’d put so much love and dedication into seeing such a noble effort see the light of day.

Nasreen Khalid - Event Curator and Lead
My dream, when I had that cup of coffee that spawned this idea in January, is to create a truly unique, never-been-done-before TEDx event in Muscat. To embrace everything Omani. Omani inspiration. Unfiltered...

Ebaa Khurram - Branding and Marketing Lead
For me, watching TEDx talks has always been an exciting source of inspiration and information. One thing that isn’t visible on that screen is the energy that the beautiful mix of unique people, joining heads and hands brings to each TEDx event. As part of the team, I am experiencing it first-hand now and it is the best feeling ever.

Amr Salah - Audience Management Lead
To me TEDx represents a challenge and an opportunity to expand my limits and to prove that this community has so much to offer and inspire. I’m proud to be part of this team.

Umaima Al Mahdhori - Sponsorship Team Member
I believe Muscat needs such an inspirational TEDx event. The Omani story needs to be told and the Omani people have many inspiring stories from their past, present and future.

Urvashi Kishnani- Audience Management Team Member
TEDx is a platform that I adore for all that it represents and gives. To me, TEDx events are like warm glows of light, dotted across the globe. There is something phenomenal about being a part of a remarkable group of enthusiastic volunteers and the flow of productive energy that it brings. TEDx inspires me to do something truly wonderful so that I can speak about it on a TED Talk someday.

Sahar Othmani - Theme and Speakers Team Member
John Green said, ‘I go to seek a great perhaps.’ TEDxQurum is exactly that to me. Being a recent graduate, I feel profoundly fortunate to be part of such a creative project and be surrounded by such a warm team. The atmosphere and the vision are exactly what I wished for in a work environment. TEDxQurum is slowly standing on its feet, and so am I.

Nataly Cazacova - Theme and Speakers Lead
TED and TEDx talks push the boundaries of one’s view to see things in a full spectrum of possible (and sometimes unthinkable!) colours. A hearty talk, well delivered and sprinkled with some humorous spice is a worthy substitute of an-apple-a day-to-keep-the-doctor-away :) In addition to a full time, demanding job, working within the framework of TEDxQurum doesn’t only pull the brims of my thinking hat, but also polishes my multitasking skills. As a cherry on top, let’s not forget the pure joy of working with a fantastic family of a team.

Ahmed Suliman - Volunteer Management Lead
I have been watching TEDx talks and always wanted to be a part of it. Finally, that opportunity has arrived and I want to make it an unforgettable TEDx experience in Muscat. Participating in a TEDx event is the best use of time and as Robert G. Ingersoll said, ‘We Rise by Lifting Others’. Being a core volunteer in TEDxQurum made me more organised and I have developed and gained essential professional skills. Additionally, I have gotten to know extraordinary volunteers/speakers that are gifted with passion and amazing life experience stories. I learn something new every day. Keep calm and be a TEDx Volunteer.’
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Alliances of Architecture - Essence of Space
Education and Humanity
Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Handstand in Every City
PhytoClean Technology
Emotional Intelligence vs. Online Negativity
Eco House Project
Humpback Whale Conservation
Zanzibar Built Heritage Project - Restoration of Stone Town
The Depth and Power of Arabic Poetry

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