OmanPride: Oman has always been a helpful nation

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By: Times News Service
OmanPride: Oman has always been a helpful nation

#ReadersResponse: In the wake of Oman establishing a humanitarian committee to best help those in need, both inside the country and outside, were quick to praise the policies of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said in making Oman a nation that followed the path of peace. “His Majesty Sultan Qaboos is a great leader who is respected all across the world,” said Manir Matlab Chandpur. He is an icon of global peace, and I think everybody in Oman would happily support him if he were to be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize,” as Shawn Alva added, “he has been a foundation and a pillar in the making of a wonderful Oman”.
“I have never seen a leader like him,” revealed Muhammad Siddiqui. “May God bless him always, because he has always done the best for Oman. I like him very much.”
Meena Pandya too did not hold back from showering His Majesty with praise. “His Majesty the Sultan has led this country very sensibly and caringly and the country has developed into a very well developed and peaceful nation,” she told Times of Oman.
“At the same time the traditional values have not been compromised. We are expatriates who have lived here since almost 35 years and consider Oman as our second home. The people of Oman love their leader.”
Muhammad Faisal Anees was quick to agree with this sentiment. “This is a Sultan who is truly a king at heart,” he said. “As an expat I have never felt more at home than in Oman, courtesy, a great leader. He is the visionary the world needs today and is truly the noblest. I have a great desire to meet him personally someday, god willing.”
Mohamed Nasser added, “His Majesty is a true leader and unique in this world. He is a peaceful man who always encourages peace. He is our father, teacher, and leader in Oman. We love him and we are very happy with his leadership, and we are satisfied for all he has done in education, health services, and defence. We are proud to have him as our great and strong leader with such vision.”
While some residents praised His Majesty, others said it was the nature of Omanis to help those in need.
“Oman should teach the peaceful ways of the country to the whole world,” said Ayaz Sayed. “We Indians are with Oman for this noble work,” as Syed Muzakkir added, “Peace, tranquillity and equality go synonymous with Oman. It is purely because of the transformational leadership, wisdom and vision of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said. Oman is standing as an example to the world, of how a nation can progress with peace and prosperity.”
Jamal Ansari said, “The non-interference of Oman in the matters that have no solid outcomes is the main reason of peace and harmony of this country. His Majesty has always done what is in the best interest of their people. Oman is a role model for other Islamic countries as it welcomes all without distinguishing between colours, race, and religious ideologies.
“Long live Oman. Long live His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said. My best wishes and prayers for his good health.”
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