HSBC Bank organises seabed cleaning campaign in Daymaniyat Islands

Roundup Wednesday 01/November/2017 18:51 PM
By: Times News Service
HSBC Bank organises seabed cleaning campaign in Daymaniyat Islands

Muscat: A team of 22 scuba diving volunteers from HSBC has led a clean-up operation to help preserve marine life and provide safer breeding grounds for fish and crustaceans in the coral reefs of Oman’s Damaniyat Island Nature Reserve.
The day-long seabed cleaning expedition, organised in conjunction with Oman’s Ministry of the Environment and Climate Affairs, involved certified divers from HSBC Oman and HSBC United Arab Emirates.
“As a bank that believes in acting responsibly towards sustaining our planet, we are delighted to join hands with the local authorities and NGOs in organising such environmental campaigns that can have a long-lasting impact in protecting our world for generations to come,” said Andrew Long, CEO of HSBC Bank Oman, who was one of the volunteer divers.
“The reefs of the Damaniyat are world-class in nature and provide essential breeding grounds and nurseries for the young fish and crustaceans which will form the bedrock of Oman’s sustainable fisheries business for years to come,” Andrew added.
The volunteers each made two, one hour-long dive to remove fishing nets and other discarded material that was at risk of engulfing the reefs of Jun Island and threatening the sea life that makes its home there.
During the cleanup, the volunteers also managed to save sea creatures that had become trapped in the abandoned fishing nets.
HSBC Bank Oman has long been dedicated to environmental conservation through its various corporate sustainability programmes that are carried out in partnership with different organisations in Oman.
The bank places great emphasis on nurturing the spirit of volunteering among its employees, who are always encouraged to donate their time and efforts for a good cause and be active members of the community.
The cleanup expedition is part of HSBC’s commitment to conserving the environment – one of the pillars of the bank’s corporate sustainability programme.