Oman education: International School of Choueifat supports fundraising event

Oman Sunday 13/March/2016 22:26 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman education: International School of Choueifat supports fundraising event

Muscat: SABIS is not all about education. Its aim is to create responsible, passionate, creative, successful, and - most importantly - compassionate individuals.
On the 27th of February, ISC Muscat, led by the Student Life Organisation (SLO), decided to help those in need by organising a fundraiser in aid of Al Noor Association for the Blind. The target was to raise much needed funds and awareness for the charity,
Al Noor Association for the Blind aims to give the blind community in Muscat the best possible quality of life.
The schools prefects worked hard to organise a diverse range of fun activities for all age groups, including parents, to make it a successful event.
In addition to a mouthwatering bake sale, SLO prefects provided a multitude of stands for other delectable treats. With all the activities offered, there was really no way anyone would have felt bored. Children of all ages participated in the event. For all the parents wanting to sit down and relax, prefects came up with Café Choueifat where parents and teachers alike could sit down in the delightful weather enjoying refreshments whilst getting to know each other and watching their kids having fun.
The event was a huge success, with positive reports from students, parents, and teachers alike. The students and the SLO wish to thank all who participated in our event, and everyone who attended and donated to the worthy cause. Look out for next year’s charity event!