Oman weather: Muscat receives 177mm rainfall

Oman Sunday 13/March/2016 22:11 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman weather: Muscat receives 177mm rainfall

Muscat: Oman witnessed rains due to a low depression that lasted from March 6 to 10 in the northern parts.
The rain led to many wadis overflowing and a huge quantity of water was retained in the dams.
The rainfall recording stations of the Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources recorded that the highest amount of rainfall at 177mm was witnessed in Muscat in the Wilaiyat of Quraiyat.
In Al Sharqiyah North, 150mm of rainfall was recorded in Ibra; in Buraimi, 116mm was recorded in the Wilaiyat of Sininah; and in Al Dakhiliyah, 116mm was recorded in Samael.
In Al Batinah South, 106mm of rainfall was recorded in Rustaq; in Al Batinah North, 97mm was recorded in Saham; in Al Sharqiyah South, 88mm was recorded in Al Kamil Wal Wafi; in Dhahirah region, 84mm was recorded in Dhank; and in Musndam, 35mm of rainfall was recorded in Madha.
The level of retained water behind Wadi Dhaiqah Dam in Al Mazaraa village in the Wilayat of Quriyat hit 96.8 per cent or 96.8 million cubic meters yesterday with only 3.2 million cubic metres left to reach the overflow level, ONA reported. The total amount of water retained in dams reached 105.723 million cubic metres.
Engineer Mohsen bin Mohammed Al Sheikh, Chairman of the Muscat Municipality, carried out a field visit along with a number of officials and technicians at the municipality to check the state of roads and utilities in various parts of the governorate of Muscat.
They inspected the efficiency of the drainage system in Wattayah, Hamriya and areas close to Al Nahdha Hospital.