Oman's National CEO Programme a remarkable success

Business Sunday 13/March/2016 21:57 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman's National CEO Programme a remarkable success

Muscat: "We want to be the change leaders and we want to contribute towards the betterment of Oman and its future," said a member of the first group of National CEO Programme (NCP).
“It (National CEO Programme) is very beneficial,” Aisha A Al Kharusi, Chief Marketing officer of Alizz Islamic Bank told the Times of Oman on the sidelines of the launch of the Second Cohort of the programme.
She is a member of the First Cohort of the National CEO Programme. According to Al Kharusi, the initial procedures were nerve-wracking.
“It was a nerve-wracking experience because it was a national invitation,” Al Kharusi said.
“Online processes are truly transparent; we have to prepare a biography and narrate why we should get involved in it and how we can contribute to the country,” she added.
“But now I can say that it was a rewarding experience because I learnt a lot, not only from the IMD business school, but also from my peers,” she continued.
She also said that the 30 members of the first group belonged to different sectors and backgrounds.
“We have a synergy between us now. When we go back to work, knowing that we have support in a different industry will help us,” Al Kharusi said.
“Maintaining this synergy is going to be an important element for any individual’s success,” she asserted.
She also said that through this programme, “we are building transparent, accountable leaders to the country.”
The Public Private Partnership (PPP) Taskforce “Sharaka” has announced the launch of Cohort 2 of the National CEO Programme at the event as part of its commitment to contribute to the development of national leaders in the private sector.
“By developing a community of world-class Omani leaders, we are enabling the private sector to play a greater role in the socio-economic development of the country,” Dr Ali Qassim Jawad, the Advisor for Studies and Research at the Diwan of Royal Court and the Chairman of the Advisory Committee, commented at the event.
“We designed the programme to ensure achievement of national PPP priorities, and a balanced delivery of both theoretical and practical components, Dr Jawad added.
He also said that the programme is focusing on a comprehensive range of modules, including, ‘Leading in a Global Context’, ‘Inspirational Leadership’, ‘National Competitiveness’, and ‘Competing for the Future’.
He also pointed out that this programme is for individual development, and was not an employment programme.
According to the officials, an online application process has been launched to enrol another group of 35 Omani private sector leaders, with a criterion that guarantees economic diversification by selecting participants from different economic sectors, representing different governorates, and businesses of different sizes.
They also said that participants will be involved in a cutting-edge learning journey through classroom-based delivery, experiential learning, leadership coaching, and project application.
The orientation session for the programme is scheduled for May 2016, when successful applicants will be introduced to the NCP’s Advisory Committee and the NCP team at the Institute of Capability Development (ICD) of the Diwan of Royal Court.
Online submissions can be made at until 27 March 2016.
The NCP was designed to address the private sector’s need for talented business people who are empowered and capable of meeting the challenges of the local and regional marketplace, and can create greater opportunities to drive economic growth.
This initiative was the first of its kind in the Sultanate and was launched with the objective of developing world-class Omani business leaders and executives.