Five reasons to consider a home theatre system now

Hockey Sunday 29/October/2017 19:40 PM
By: Times News Service
Five reasons to consider a home theatre system now

When it comes to entertaining ourselves at home, there are more options than ever before. Whether you are looking to upgrade your family’s existing movie night experience or you are just getting started in assembling a home theatre system, here are five reasons to consider doing so now.
1. There is more media available. With so many streaming services accessible, more movies and shows are available at your fingertips than ever before, making it possible to instantly enjoy everything from recent blockbusters to classic favourites to a marathon of your favourite TV series.
2. You can find high-quality tech. Today’s high-quality tech makes it possible to get an upgraded movie theatre-like experience at home.
3. It allows you to get cozy. When the weather outside is frightful, why head to a drafty movie theatre? Nothing beats staying-in and enjoying the comfort of your own home — you can even wear your PJs if you want.
4. You can make it a party. With a home theatre system, you can invite all your friends and family over for movie nights. Ask everyone to bring a treat inspired by the movie that you’ll be watching for some fun, quality time together.
5. You can save time. Sports practice, homework, the school play; your kids are busy and so are you, which means you may not always find time for the entire family to head to the movie theatre for a specific showing. However, with a great theatre in your own home, you can plan a spur-of-the-moment movie night whenever it works for your family.