Mexico City's Day of Dead parade honors quake rescuers

T TV Sunday 29/October/2017 12:15 PM
By: Times News Service

Tens of thousands of Mexicans line the capital's Reforma boulevard for the Day of the Dead parade, in a country still mourning nearly 500 people killed in earthquakes last month.
It's a colourful celebration with hundreds of performers lining the streets in Mexico City.
From dancing skeletons to a herd of grim reapers - the procession for the Day of the Dead is in full swing on Saturday (October 28). But this year's parade is a little different.
At the front of the line are aid workers, marching with their fists in the air. It's a tribute to rescuers who made the gesture to demand silence when listening out for survivors in the rubble from the deadly earthquakes that hit the country just a month ago.
ITZEL ORTEGA, SAYING: "I think it is a good homage, especially for all those people we lost in the earthquake."
They were the strongest quakes in more than three decades, but that didn't diminish a centuries-old tradition.
The festivities took on a new feeling of solidarity after the tragedy, according to participants.
Sponsored by Mexico's tourism and culture ministries, the parade was triple the size of last year's maiden effort - inspired by a Day of the Dead parade featured in the 2015 James Bond film "Spectre".
Local media say at least 300 thousand people were in attendance this year.