Good to Know Oman: Do you know who to call in an emergency in the Sultanate?

Energy Saturday 28/October/2017 22:01 PM
By: Times News Service
Good to Know Oman: Do you know who to call in an emergency in the Sultanate?

Whether new or long-time residents of Oman, there comes a time for many people when they realise that they just don’t know what to do, who to call, or how to get something done.
Google searches can sometimes provide the answers, but not without a lot of digging.
That’s why the “Good to Know Oman” series was published as a source of essential information for living, working, and playing in the Sultanate, starting with a roundup of who to call during an emergency.
Medical Emergencies In Oman: there is not a public ambulance service on call. The public will either need to call a hospital to arrange an ambulance or arrange their own transportation with family, friends, or a taxi.
It is vital to be able to tell the ambulance or taxi where to pick up a patient to avoid delays, so look for landmarks to make giving directions easier. If the condition is life threatening, make this clear to whomever is providing transportation.
The best option is always to have a friend or family member transport a patient, unless there is a suspected spinal cord injury, in which case the only safe option is transportation via ambulance, as arranged directly through a hospital. Be sure to inquire about what kind of medical personnel will be aboard the ambulance, and when it is expected to arrive. Also, make sure the hospital has an emergency department, or choose from one of those listed below.

Royal Hospital Emergency Room (Atheiba): +968 2459 9457
PDO Ambulance number (for any incidents happening on the PDO property): +968 2467 7444
KIMS Oman Emergency Room (Wattayah/ Ruwi): +968 2476 0123
Badr Al Samaa Emergency Services: Sur: +968 2554 6112 Al Khoud: +968 2454 6099 Al Khuwair: +968 2448 8323 Ruwi: +968 24799760
Muscat Taxi Service: +968 9914 3222
Car Accidents/ Towing:
If a car breaks down or is involved in an accident that renders the vehicle inoperable, there are a few steps to take.
If involved in an accident that caused damage, then call the police at 9999 so they can come and complete a report. This report will need to be taken to an insurance company in order to have the repairs covered.
Then, the driver needs to figure out how to get his car off the side of the road and to a repair shop. If the driver knows a mechanic’s number, it is better to call them directly to arrange a tow, as they often have their own tow trucks contracted to work with them.
If the car is new, the dealership should be able to arrange help.
Also, throughout the Sultanate the public can now use the new tow truck on-demand app called Raffa. The downloadable app lists mobile phone numbers of tow truck drivers. The cost is said to be fair, even for long-haul tows, like one that was quoted for the 100km journey from Sohar to Buraimi for OMR35.
When in the capital, call Muscat Tow Truck: +968 9914 3222
General Emergencies:
General Emergency Number throughout Oman: 999
For Fire, Flood, or Immediate Police Assistance: 9999
Water Emergency: 1442 Water Emergency (Salalah): 1445
Electricity Emergency: +968 2469 8818 / +968 2471 4300 / +968 2470 1821
Electricity Emergency (Salalah): 154 Municipality: +968 8007 7222