Oman dining: Try some delicious milk and cookies here

T-Mag Wednesday 25/October/2017 16:41 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman dining: Try some delicious milk and cookies here

It feels as if it was just yesterday when I would often ask my mother to pass me a couple of cookies, and while she remained unawares I would quietly take a few more from the jar and rush to my bedroom with a huge cup of milk to relish the perfect combination of cookies and milk all by myself.

I could never wean off that childhood habit of mine and I still dunk my cookies in milk. This crunchy-creamy treat shall remain my favourite forever and if you too love the delicious magic of cookies and milk then visit Bella’s Bakery and Kitchen, where they serve you cereal-drenched milk and fresh gourmet cookies.

It all started on Instagram where I came across my friend’s post that said ‘I’m drinking cereal milk’. I started stalking the tagged account and that’s how I got to know about Bella’s and decided to pay a visit.

Bella’s Bakery and Kitchen is known for their cookies that are perfectly crunchy from the outside and soft finish inside. I ordered four types of cookies and a tall one litre bottle full of cereal milk. The milk came in a refillable glass bottle with the Bella’s logo on it.

As I opened it, I was overwhelmed by nostalgia as the sweet aroma of cereal milk took me back to my childhood days. I could not resist to have a sip of this slightly cream-coloured milk.
The taste was impeccable, just as I had imagined. After having half a litre of that heavenly milk, I took bites of the cookies, and they tasted equally scrumptious. Be it the milk chocolate chip that had Bella’s signature touch, the white chocolate cranberry or the cocoa peanut butter full of peanuts flavour and cocoa, each one of them were a classic treat.
The star of the show however was the cinnamon brown sugar cookies. The woody, spicy smell of cinnamon infused with buttery-baked flavour of gourmet cookies is to die for. I could munch this all day, everyday.

Bella’s Bakery and Kitchen will showcase their cereal milk, cookies, and much more at the upcoming Souq es Sabt at Al Mouj starting November 4. So forget about your tea and biscuits and head for what I call ‘the ultimate milk experience’ for a cookieholic and you will keep coming back for more. And, if you bring back the bottle, you also get a discount on the refill.

Get your milk and cookies Bella’s Bakery and Kitchen
+968 9140 6610
Instagram: @bellasmuscat
Facebook: @bellasmuscat

What to Order
Cereal Milk 1-litre bottle OMR 5
24 Cookies (small box) OMR 8
36 Cookies (large box) OMR 11

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