Oman style: The art of painting on shoes

T-Mag Wednesday 25/October/2017 15:50 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman style: The art of painting on shoes

When it comes to style, individuality is a must. Meet Wijdan Saleem, an art aficionado, who converts canvas shoes into works of art with her designs.

Wijdan’s unparalleled passion for animation started at a very young age when she made countless iconic characters from the favourite childhood cartoons and superheroes like Batman and Wonder Woman, to our beloved Disney superstar, Mickey Mouse.

As she grew up, she branched into painting and that’s when a hilarious yet unique idea came to her mind. She started drawing on shoes. First she did it for herself and later for her loved ones. With fashion trends coming late in Oman, she decided to turn the customary shoes into something exclusive with her designs. It didn’t take a while for people to start noticing her art. Today, Wijdan has an enormous portfolio of pop culture drawings, all hand-painted to your liking.

While there are several materials one could paint on, but Wijdan prefers to use either shoes covered in fabric or a pair of Converse. Leather is another popular option but it requires more time and technique for the paint to look amazing on its smooth, slippery surface. Using acrylic paint, Wijdan can create anything, from a simple heart-shaped drawing, to a more elaborate skull with veins popping out of it. She recently drew a character on pink slip-ons that looked fabulous.

Though Wijdan is known for her illustrated, anime-inspired drawings, she can work on a canvas as per her clients’ request. She can personalise them as you wish, making them bespoke treasures that will surely have a special place in your heart, and your wardrobe, too.

Wearing hand-painted shoes doesn’t discriminate when it comes to gender, as both boys and girls can look stunning in custom shoes. The young artists herself ensures that her craft is about being who you are and expressing yourself, which can be seen in some of the designs she’d done for her loyal customers.

Making statements has always been the way to go for style followers. They may be considered an unusual fashionable medium in Oman but they will add a tonne of character to your ensembles. And, who wouldn’t want to look unusual. At the end of the day, that is what style is all about. —[email protected]

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