Life skills: 7 ways to get through boring work days

T-Mag Wednesday 25/October/2017 13:05 PM
By: Times News Service
Life skills: 7 ways to get through boring work days

Another of those days where it seems like the journey from 9am to 5pm is going to last a century? We’ve all been through those days at the workplace when the clock seems to stand still. If you’re reading this copy on one of those days, gear up, for that is going to change. If you’ve just lived through one of them, let’s make sure it doesn’t happen again. Give one of our 7 suggestions a try next time you feel you’re stuck at a monotonous day at work. And if one isn’t enough, by all means, try them all (and ahem, probably look for another job).

Help a colleague
Just because you have nothing to do on that blessed day, doesn’t mean everyone else has that luxury too. If you are bored of your own work, hop into another department and offer to give a hand. We are pretty certain you’d be welcomed with open arms. Apart from actually being productive in office (and for official reasons too), the department you pick could be one where your interest lies. Getting to know how they actually function and proving how handy you could be can open other career doors. It’ll be a fun learning experience and next time when you need a hand, you might even get some help from your new-found buddy from across the hall.

Personalise your space
We didn’t want to use the word ‘organise’ because it sounds boring. Make the most of your slow days and start by de-cluttering your workstation. Having things in order, cleared up and neatly stacked can really make things easier on busy days. Then, get creative. Let your space reflect who you are. Print photos of your family and pets and make your own picture frames. You can also get some witty slogans printed (as long as it’s not offensive) and pin them around. Download some wallpapers for your desktop or draw your own prized portraits. Run to the stationery shop and buy some colourful desk accessories like de-stress balls, paperweights or even a fancy new mug; it’ll breathe some new life to your everyday desk.

Play a prank
As long it’s not loud enough to reach the CEO, harmless pranks will brighten up any day. Find an equally bored colleague who you know isn’t going to mind being played a little so you both can have a good laugh; you, of course, can take it a step forward and share it with everyone else and chuckle a little further at your colleague’s expense. Just make sure you don’t pick Miss Goody Two Shoes who marches to the manager’s cabin with a new complain every day. You won’t be having the last laugh then.
Read real news
When we say ‘real’, we mean non-Facebook or other such forms of social media (we didn’t say news of other people’s personal lives). Grab a newspaper or a magazine. Staying up-to-date with current affairs is a good way to kill time productively. And honestly, it looks better than showcasing to everyone around what kind of photos you ‘like’ on social media.

Do something for the boss (and yourself, of course)
Remember those tasks your boss was complaining about; or that project that needed some brainstorming but no one really got to work on it? Swap watching videos on YouTube to researching and getting some work done on those assignments. It’ll be different from what you usually do because there isn’t a definite pressure, a deadline you have to meet or an expectation you have to satisfy. Let your creativity flow and give it your best shot. No matter how much of it you actually get done, your boss will appreciate you going that extra mile.

This could be physically or virtually. If you are working in a company that has accounts in one wing and HR two wings away, and you didn’t know you even had a department called quality control, it would be a good idea to familiarise yourself with your distant, yet fellow mates. Pop by and say hello, introduce yourself and let them know they are doing an amazing job. Virtually, you could go online and utilise this time to connect with other professionals in your field. Building contacts is never a bad thing.

Tick off accomplishments and feel good
Take some time to appreciate yourself (we know, bosses tend to miss that) and everything you’ve been able to achieve. Write out all the things you’ve been meaning to do and manually tick off all those goals you’ve been able to accomplish at work. Bask in your own glory. — [email protected]