OmanPride: Government, volunteers find new home for Omani woman

More sports Tuesday 24/October/2017 20:10 PM
By: Times News Service
OmanPride: Government, volunteers find new home for Omani woman

Muscat: A 60-year-old Omani woman in Jalan Bani Bu Ali of Al Sharqiyah Governorate has been given a new home, thanks to kind-hearted volunteers.
“We found a suitable home for the woman in her village catering to all her needs and with furniture. The rental and living costs are guaranteed by a number of donors,” volunteer aid worker, Sultan Al Kasbi, said.
“After we heard about the woman’s story and posted online about her issue, several people asked me where they could send money for her needs.”
He added that the woman did not ask for help from anyone, but the community had felt a responsibility towards her and tried to persuade her to accept the help, to find a safe home. She had been living in a makeshift tent on a beach.
The Director of the Social Development Department in Jalan Bani Bu Ali visited the woman’s residence to study her condition.
“She is 60 years old, does not have anyone to take care of her, and she has a monthly salary from the Ministry of Social Development, which equals OMR80, but that cannot cover the cost of life needs, which we estimate to be OMR300 per month,” Al Kasbi said.
“The woman had rented a house before, which cost 30 rials per month, but the accumulation of electricity and water bills reached OMR100 and she had to leave the house; then she built a home with unstable material,” he added.
“After we talked with the Ministry of Housing about the issue, they issued orders to officials to speed up the process of getting a house for her,” Al Kasbi noted.