Brazilian couple arrested for murdering woman and taking baby from her womb

T TV Tuesday 24/October/2017 11:48 AM
By: Times News Service

Brazilian police arrested a couple after they were accused of strangling a pregnant woman and performing an improvised caesarean section to cut her unborn child from her womb.
The tiny victim of an horrific crime recovering in a hospital in Brazil.
This baby boy was cut straight from his mother's womb by a couple who had allegedly kidnapped and strangled his mother.
"It's a miracle he's ok because the cut was really big and really deep, and he still hadn't reached full term," said Antonio Alves Marciao, one of the doctors treating the baby.
The baby's grandmother thanked authorities for rescuing the infant.
"I always knew in my heart he was alive. I didn't know where, but I knew that he was alive," said Rosa Maria, mother of the woman who was killed and grandmother of the baby boy.
Police say the couple have confessed to luring the victim to a remote area deep in the Amazon.
The female suspect telling authorities it was all her idea, because she wanted a baby. The male suspect saying he was to be paid for his part in the crime. The baby is now in the custody of his aunt.