'Saturday’ the deadliest day on Oman roads

Oman Friday 11/March/2016 23:19 PM
By: Times News Service
'Saturday’ the deadliest day on Oman roads

Muscat: Saturday was the deadliest day of the week in 2015 as more deaths stemming from accidents were reported on the day than any other day of the week.
Last year, Saturday claimed 122 lives and left 469 injured in a total of 842 accidents.
While Tuesday recorded the highest number of accidents during the week, Saturday proved worse based on the number of deaths and injuries.
To understand why the last day of the weekend was so deadly, Amir Al Mata’ani, board member of the Oman Road Safety Association said, “There are several reasons. It could be that the roads are empty and drivers take advantage and speed up. Another reason could be fatigue.”
“Since it’s the last day of the weekend, some people are driving long distances from their hometowns to Muscat which could have resulted in an accident due to fatigue,” he added.
He explained that Saturdays are usually when the family spends a whole day together and most people drive back from their hometown to town of work so they are likely be exhausted.
“There are many possibilities but we need to know more details as to why? What time of day were they travelling? What is the cause of accident?” said Al Mata’ani.
Speeding is the number one cause of accidents, with 3,411 accidents recorded, followed by improper acts causing 1,217 deaths, neglect causing 655 deaths and failure to keep a safe distance between vehicles leading to 462 deaths, among others that contributed to the overall causes of accidents in 2015.
July recorded the highest number of accidents, deaths and injuries in 2015, with 626 accidents, 406 injuries and 71 deaths being reported during the month.