GAC announces new offer on Fuso trucks and buses

Roundup Sunday 15/October/2017 18:25 PM
By: Times News Service
GAC announces new offer on Fuso trucks and buses

Muscat: General Automotive Company (GAC), the official distributor of Fuso vehicles in Oman, has announced a new offer on its range of Fuso commercial vehicles. The offer includes a range of benefits including high-value cash gifts, free service packages, and free extended warranty packages.
Commenting on the offer, Raju Bisht, brand manager of Fuso Oman said, “Fuso trucks and buses have always been renowned the world over for their ruggedness, reliability, and the safety they offer; as well as their fuel efficiency and lower cost of operation and maintenance. Furthermore, with over 85 years of development behind them, Fuso has a wide range of vehicles and models to fit any variety of operation. Together with this offer, our entire range of Fuso trucks and buses are now all the more affordable; making them the perfect commercial vehicle partner for your business.”
The offer, which ends on November 11, offers prospective owners high-value cash gifts ranging from a minimum of OMR1,420 to as high as OMR6,150. Customers purchasing any Fuso vehicle during the offer period will also receive a free service package ranging from 2 years/50,000km to 4 years/200,000km depending on the vehicle purchased. Customers will also benefit from some of the best warranty packages available on the market with warranty tenure extensions of up to three years and mileage extensions of up to 200,000km.
“These warranty extensions have been included for the first time as part of our offer at no extra cost. As a result, our Canter light-duty trucks and Rosa busses now come with a best-in-class warranty of 3 years/180,000km. Furthermore, regardless of which vehicle you choose, these warranties can be extended even further for a nominal fee, should a customer wish to do so. These extended warranties also stand as a testament to the confidence we have in the quality and reliability of Fuso trucks and buses,” added Raju.
Ranging from light-duty trucks and vans, through to medium and heavy-duty units, and along with a range of buses, Fuso has ensured that on the whole, it has been able to match most commercial client’s requirements the world over, including Oman. The core of this range has always been the Canter trucks. Ranging from light to medium duty trucks, the canter has evolved dramatically over the years with constant improvements in comfort and spaciousness, whilst retaining the compact dimensions that make it so manoeuvrable.
Introduced to the market near the end of 2015, the Fuso FA/FI and FJ are medium to a heavy-duty truck that not only offers outstanding comfort, operational ease and an excellent economy that Fuso trucks are generally known for but also comes with a host of new features exclusive to this relatively newer model. Better still, both these trucks are produced at the state-of-the-art Daimler Indian Commercial Vehicles plant at Chennai, India.
Rounding off our Fuso range in Oman is the Rosa buses and Canter Van. A common sight on Oman’s roads, the Rosa has always embodied a design concept based on great care for each and every passenger’s comfort. The Canter van, on the other hand, brings with it unrivalled capacity and comfort coupled with Fuso’s renowned reliability, user-friendly features and performance.