I-Life Digital Technology focusing on entry-level customers

Business Sunday 15/October/2017 17:20 PM
By: Times News Service
I-Life Digital Technology focusing on entry-level customers

Muscat: I-Life Digital Technology, one of the leading consumer electronics companies in the Middle East, Africa and some of the emerging markets, is focusing on catering to the growing needs of price sensitive entry-level customers, who cannot afford to buy expensive notebooks and students.
The company, which has a range of products, including ultra-slim notebooks (ZedAir 2 and ZedAir H) and an all-in one PC (ZedPC), succeeded in capturing the niche market in several countries in the region and South East Asia, including the Sultanate.
“What we observed was that the market needs some entry-level products, which multinational companies do not offer,” Pankaj Patil, country manager for Oman, Bahrain and Kuwait, told the Times of Oman.
The company has now introduced a new category of notebooks with Celron processors, with a basic storage of a 500 GB (gigabyte) hard disk and RAM capacity of 2 GB and 3 GB. “All our notebooks are available below OMR100.” This is helpful for those who cannot afford to buy other major notebook brands.
The company has also introduced two-in one tablets with a touch screen facility. “All our products are targeted towards the home segment and are not for the corporate sector. The household segment constitutes about 40 to 45 per cent of total computer sales in Oman,” added Patil, who was on a short visit to Muscat. The number of electronic gadgets in houses in Oman is increasing and people want the latest technology and product.”
“All our notebooks are designed in such a way that you can carry it anywhere easily, since the weight is only 1.8 kilos,” Patil said, adding; “The hard disk is easily removable so that customers can change it easily or increase capacity.”
All I-Life products are designed in the United States and manufactured in China. The company has a strong presence in the Middle East, including Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, the UAE, Egypt and Jordan. Besides, it sells its products in the Indian sub-continent, which includes Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal.
“In Oman, retail comprises a major share of computer sales. We have achieved a tremendous growth in sales volume last year in Oman. Our notebooks and tablets are available at all major outlets, including Carrefour, Lulu, Sharaf Dg and Extra. Sands Distribution is the company’s distributor in the Sultanate, while the company has an arrangement with Technical Point Trading for after sales service.”
Referring to global sales, Patil said his company had sold 500,000 units of tablets and 250,000 units of notebooks last year. “This year, we are aiming to sell 750,000 of tablets and half a million units of notebooks.”
Of late, he said, I-Life has introduced a unique product, a portable All-in-One ultra slim PC (ZED PC). It is unique in terms of its screen size, which is 17.3 inches, against 19 inches for comparable models. It also has an in-built battery that lasts for four hours and can be carried easily to different rooms in a house. The All-in-One-PC, which has different specifications, will cost around OMR114. The company, which launched its PC in several other countries, plans to launch the same in Oman soon.