Iran behind UK parliament cyber attack report

T TV Sunday 15/October/2017 12:18 PM
By: Times News Service

A report in British media that Iran was behind a cyber attack carried out on the country's parliament earlier this year comes a day after the UK government urged the United States not to further endanger the 2015 nuclear agreement with Tehran.
Iran was reportedly behind a cyber attack carried out on Britain's lawmakers earlier this year. That's according to the The Times newspaper, citing an intelligence assessment of the incident.
BORIS JOHNSON, BRITISH FOREIGN SECRETARY, SAYING: "It's a good thing for Iran and for the world."
The timing of the revelation coming just a day the United Kingdom joined other European countries, including fellow NATO allies France and Germany, in warning the United States against harming the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran. Britain's parliament was hit by a "sustained and determined" cyber attack in June designed to identify weak email passwords.
The Times said that the incident was Iran's first significant cyber attack on a British target, but it was was initially blamed on Russia.
And according to the paper the motive for the attack hasn't been established, but the hackers weren't seeking simple financial gain.
Neither Britain's National Cyber Security Centre nor the Iranian government were immediately available for comment. The cyber attack on parliament came just over a month after a seperate incident crippled parts of the country's health service