OmanPride: Jabal Akhdar is the jewel of Oman

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By: Times News Service
OmanPride: Jabal Akhdar is the jewel of Oman

#ReadersResponse: Oman’s natural beauty is one of the many attributes that has set the Sultanate apart from the rest of the Middle East. But the crown jewel in the country’s dazzling array of natural wealth has to be Jabal Akhdar. That’s not our opinion though, it’s our readers’ responses. “If there is a perfect outdoor space of outdoor space and majestic beauty, Jabal Akhdar would be this place,” said GG Beau. “Located within the most spectacular and safest country of Oman, this popular destination is a traveller’s dream come true. Don’t take my word for it, come visit and see why Oman is where #beautyhasanaddress.”
Simmi Kumari was another with fond memories of the Green Mountain. “Jabal Akhdar is a beautiful hill station in Oman,” she said. “Situated 2,330m above sea level, the temperature is cool here, while the rest of the Gulf experiences scorching heat. You can see beautiful green terraced gardens, and if you love trekking, it’s a paradise for you. “From July to September you can find world-famous pomegranates, which are very tasty and sweet even though they look quite green,” added Kumari.

“Apart from the pomegranates you can see olives, figs, walnuts, and peaches on street stalls and in every house and farm. On the other hand in March and April you can pluck the fresh roses from gardens. You can also see a rose factory where rosewater and perfume is still made using traditional methods. It is just wonderful. “However, you would need a four-wheel drive to go there because the road is very steep,” she warned. “We visited several times and every time we’ve gone there, we’ve returned with new experiences.”
The natural beauty and uniqueness of Jabal Akhdar was what captivated many residents of Oman, irrespective of their country of origin. “Jabal Akhdar is one of the jewels of Oman,” said Smriti Mishra. “I remember being there during a wet evening which involved a thunderstorm. We got to witness the lush green mountain with dark soil, and the smell of wet earth, which many call petrichor. It was an unforgettable trip, indeed. Sipping masala chai with the clap of thunder in the background was heavenly, and I would like to visit it again and again. An Oman trip is incomplete, without visiting Jabal Akhdar.
Ronald Clement added, “It is a most beautiful and pleasant mountain range with orchards famed across all of Oman. A constant flow of pure and chilled water from the heavens above is guided over the foothills. It is a magical gift of God and the pride of the Sultanate, but you do need a 4X4 with passenger limit of five.”
“Having been to the Jabal Akhdar mountain before, I can truly say this is a really interesting place to visit,” volunteered Christine Lakin. “This feels like Oman’s equivalent of the Grand Canyon. I would have loved to have been there during the season of the musk rose time, however, I enjoyed the rugged scenery and pockets of green, and the irrigated farmland. I also love the goats and villages. It is a magical trip, and everyone I met there made me feel so welcome.”
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