Get an intense workout at The Engine Room in Oman

T-Mag Wednesday 04/October/2017 17:24 PM
By: Times News Service
Get an intense workout at The Engine Room in Oman

If you have got bored of the predictable gym routines and plain exercises then it’s time to join the new breed of fitness lovers at the Engine Room in Horizon Fitness where there is hardly a dull moment during workouts.

Though I have been a member of several gyms and fitness centres in the past, when it comes to doing serious workout and exercising I need constant coaxing to do things effectively and efficiently.

Years back as a member of the Horizon Fitness, I tried everything they had to offer; from the plain good old gym to their other exercise regimes, but as I didn’t opt for a personal trainer I ended up wasting time.

Later at the aerobics class, which was quite fun as they had a different workout session every day, I could boost my stamina. That’s when I realised that it was probably time to up my game and so I decided to join the Engine Room.

If the name sounds intimidating, then walk inside it to get a feel. With the bold coloured walls, the fancy workout equipment, and the surrounding cage, it doesn’t quite look like any of the other workout rooms that we normally see.

Inside the room you will find few huge tyres, ropes, weight balls, among many other things. Initially I had thought not to venture into that room ever, but later I decided to give it a try.

The Engine Room is the most no-nonsense place in the gym. People who are inside it mean business. There is no time to waste, procrastinate, or while away. The one thing that makes the Engine Room ideal for fruitful workout is that there is not a moment when you’re not moving. And that is the fundamental principal of this room — constant movement.

You get inside this room with a lot of energy, will power, and dedication and come out feeling extremely proud and supremely confident by what you have done and achieved in just 30 minutes.

The high intensity workout includes pushing, pulling, twisting, lifting, and bending with the trainer whose stern voice will not let you stop. You get the best kind of cardio workout with the best kind of results that can be measured by the instructor. The heart rate of each person who has entered this room can be monitored by the instructor on the TV screen and that is how they measure how much effort you have put in.

However, it is the feeling after the whole workout that will make you feel that every second in that dreadful room was totally worth it — both in terms of the long term result as well as the buzz that you feel soon after you come out of the room. — [email protected]

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