Road accidents, deaths decline in 2015 compared to 2014 in Oman

Oman Wednesday 09/March/2016 18:08 PM
By: Times News Service
Road accidents, deaths decline in 2015 compared to 2014 in Oman

MUSCAT: Number of road accidents and deaths considerably dropped in 2015, compared with 2014, according to the statistics provided by the Royal Oman Police (ROP).
According to the ROP’s Directorate General of Traffic Facts and Figures 2016, there were 6,279 accidents in 2015, down from 6,717 in 2014. A total of 675 people died in 2015 accidents, less than the 816 reported deaths in 2014.
The Muscat Governorate recorded the highest number of accidents at 2,107, which left 1,186 injured and 92 dead; followed by the Al Dakhiliya Governorate, with 1,001 accidents leaving 550 injured and 95 dead.
However, the North Al Batinah Governorate recorded the highest 115 deaths and 216 injured in 239 accidents. Al Dakhiliya and Muscat followed with 95 and 92 deaths, respectively. Musandam recorded the least number of accidents, injuries and deaths at 48, 27 and four, respectively.
July 2015 was the deadliest month of the year, where 626 accidents claimed the lives of 71 people and injured 406.
Of those dead, 68 per cent were Omanis, followed by non-Arabs accounting for 26 per cent of the total deceased. Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) nationals and other Arabs made up for 4 per cent and 2 per cent of the deaths, respectively.
According to the data, 570 males died in accidents, compared with fewer females at 105. At least 2,807 males and 817 females were injured.
Those aged among 26 to 50 years topped the list of casualties based on the age group and made up 46 per cent of those who died, while the injured made up 50 per cent. People aged in the 16 to 25 years age group followed with 32 per cent of them dying in road accidents, while 33 per cent were injured.
Speeding remains the top cause of accidents in the Sultanate, according to the statistics, with 3,411 accidents having been caused by it in 2015, down from 3,510 in 2014. Accidents due to improper acts were the reason for 1,217 accidents in 2015, compared with 1,479 in 2014.
However, accidents due to fatigue increased in 2015, with 40 accidents recorded, leaving 49 injured and 14 dead, compared with 10 accidents, seven injured and nine dead in 2014.
Overtaking led to accidents, which also rose to 228 in 2015, leaving 196 injured, compared with 224 accidents and 126 injured; the number of deaths fortunately decreased to 97, compared with 267 in 2014.
The most fatal accident in 2015 occurred in Haima on Saturday, July 18, as a result of fatigue, which claimed the lives of seven people and injured four.