OmanPride: Oman Association for Disabled donates 20 wheelchairs in Dhank

More sports Monday 02/October/2017 18:51 PM
By: Times News Service
OmanPride: Oman Association for Disabled donates 20 wheelchairs in Dhank

Anyone, who is confined to a wheelchair owing to a disability, truly understands the need for a wheelchair, but unfortunately there are many who cannot afford to buy it. While several international organisations provide wheelchairs to the needy; here in Oman, the Oman Association for Disabled also donates wheelchairs and other equipment to those in need and brings hope and inspiration back to their lives. The association’s Ibri branch recently distributed 20 wheelchairs among the disabled in Dhank.
“Last week, the association provided 20 wheelchairs for the disabled and the elderly in Ibri and we need the community to provide further help in this as there are more than 160 cases registered in Yanqil, Dhank, Ibri, and Buraimi,” said Salim Al Ghafri, director of Oman Association for Disabled in Ibri.
“We ask civil institutions and the private companies to collaborate with us to help provide more wheelchairs and other mobility equipment as the number of disabled people and others who need it, is rising,” he added.
The distribution of wheelchairs took place in the Wali of Dhank office in association with the Directorate of Social Development in Ibri. It targeted people with disabilities in particular and also elderly people in general.
“The association does its best to provide those with motion and hearing disabilities with the latest technology and equipment, as well as remove all the barriers that could hold the disabled back from living their everyday lives in their city,” added Al Ghafri.
Last year, government data revealed that the number of disabled Omanis currently stands at 62,506, or 3 per cent of the total population. Of these, people with walking difficulties constitute 26.8 per cent.
Oman Association for Disabled was established in 1995 by a ministerial decree from the Minister of Social Development. It was established to provide support, education, as well as organising activities for people with disabilities.
The association also aims to achieve a better understanding of the needs of people with disabilities in the community. It has also established branches in all governorates in Oman after the approval of the Minister of Social Development.
The association and its branches are managed by a Board of Directors, consisting of 12 members, including eight members with disabilities. The total number of registered members of the association is 1,230 from all across Oman.