OmanPride: Facebook group encouraging women towards healthier lifestyle

More sports Sunday 01/October/2017 18:32 PM
By: Times News Service
OmanPride: Facebook group encouraging women towards healthier lifestyle

To remain fit these days is a big challenge for all and Facebook group, Weightloss Challenge Oman, is trying its best not just to inculcate healthy habits in women but also raise funds for charitable causes. “The main purpose of the group is to motivate ladies in Oman to adopt a healthy lifestyle by achieving their weight goals,” said Sania Musaib, the co-admin of the Facebook group Weightloss Challenge Oman.
The group, which was founded in October 2016, by Dr Nazesh Memon, has nearly 50 followers today. “At the moment, we are 50 plus members, including three international members. We try to include maximum 50 ladies for a time period so as to maintain our work quality and we have our own criteria for accepting them as members. However, our Facebook page has around 500 likes at the moment,” said Sania.
The group was initially free for all women, but later a membership fee was initiated which is donated to charity. “We made the group free for women in the beginning. The result was amazing. Allah Almighty gave us a chance to help these ladies and so we thought why not apply membership charges and raise some funds for charity. When it was discussed in the group, everyone welcomed the idea.”
She added, “We made a small donation for a water dispenser to a local place in the community recently, and also distributed a lot of coupons for refills. We also provided food packets, water, and juices to workers who work long hours in the sun.”
When it comes to weight loss regime members of the group religiously follow the plans and schedules posted to the group, which is prepared keeping in mind the lifestyle of most women in the group.
“The main purpose is to lose weight by adopting a healthy lifestyle without using shortcuts like fad diets and medication. We chose WhatsApp for that purpose. We ask ladies to post their daily meals with a small description and their exercise routine on a daily basis,” informed Musaib.
“The diet plans are simple with alternates mentioned so that the followers have a choice.” The administrators and members of the group have a systematic schedule where everybody is expected to follow in order to see the best results.
“The weekly plan is provided by the admin (Dr Nazesh) by Friday evenings or Saturday mornings and the members start following it from Sunday by posting their meal pictures and exercises as a collage picture on the same day. The meals are checked and then guided by admin team on the same day. Each Sunday morning, they post their weights in the group to check the progress,” she said. Both admins of the group are very responsive and make it a point to attend to the queries and questions of all members immediately.
“If any member has a query, the admin and co-admin reply on the same day.” She added, “The ladies are allowed to have a meal of their choice on weekends to enjoy with their families. Diet centres normally see a patient once in a week and so they are not aware of what their clients eat but we check our clients’ progress on a daily basis. That is why our success rate is very good.” While many women in the group already have success stories to share, what inspires more people to join is the fact that both the admin and co-admin are weight losers themselves.
The results were amazing. Women lost from 13 to 20 kilos in three months, depending on their BMI and that was only possible due to their will power and the plan. While co-admin Sania has lost 20 kilos in three months, the admin lost 11 kilos in three months with the weekly diet plans. The diet plans are tried and fool proof.
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