Wassan harnesses revolutionary technology to deliver 'same-day' implant solutions

Roundup Thursday 28/September/2017 19:06 PM
By: Times News Service
Wassan harnesses revolutionary technology to deliver 'same-day' implant solutions

Muscat: Well-known one-stop dental solutions provider Wassan Specialty Dental Clinic is leveraging cutting-edge technology to enable the provision of dental implants to patients – amazingly, within the space of a single visit.
Same-day implants, as this groundbreaking procedure is called, are being made possible via the use of computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) – the combination of which now makes once-complicated and time-consuming procedures a breeze at Wassan Specialty.
In the upshot, a patient requiring one or more crowns, veneers, fillings, bridges or denture removals, can get healthy, natural-looking porcelain replacements during a single visit. Thanks to this revolutionary technology, patients can leave the clinic with their ability to smile, eat, laugh and speak fully intact – a sea-change from traditional implant treatments, which typically involve multiple visits, painful procedures, gooey impressions, and unpleasant temporaries.
By harnessing the power of CAD/CAM technology, Wassan Specialty’s professionals can obtain digital impressions of a patient’s teeth using a handheld scanning device. A hi-tech milling unit integrated with the CAD/CAM system then goes to work, creating a precision cut crown, veneer or filling, as the case may be, even as the patient watches from the comfort of their dental chair. The perfectly sculpted implant is then deftly and permanently set in place – the culmination of a hassle-free procedure that lasts a couple of hours at best.
The brevity of the procedure, not to mention the ease of comfort and unmatched end-results associated with CAD/CAM-based dental technology, make ‘same-day implants’ a much-sought-after treatment at Wassan Specialty.
Adding to the appeal of this procedure is the complete absence of impressions and temporaries, which are a typical part of long-drawn conventional implant treatments. With Wassan Specialty’s hi-tech CAD/CAM system, patients can replace a single tooth, multiple teeth, painful dentures or other nasty partials, in one sitting.
Same-day implant procedures are ideal for a wide spectrum of dental procedures. They are perfect as crowns, veneers and fillings for decayed, chipped, cracked, worn-down, discoloured, or gapped teeth. Bite and speech functions will be significantly improved as well.
“Wassan Specialty has taken the lead in popularising CAD/CAM technology, as indeed other modern advances in dental treatments, for the benefit of our clientele in the Sultanate. This sophisticated technology, combined with the unsurpassed professional expertise of our faculty, has positioned Wassan Specialty as the dental clinic of choice for same-day implants,” commented Dr Dinesh Gopal, consultant Oral Maxillofacial and Implantologist, Wassan Specialty Dental Clinic.