Plan to transform Oman's old Muttrah fish market into parking space

Energy Wednesday 27/September/2017 21:54 PM
By: Times News Service
Plan to transform Oman's old Muttrah fish market into parking space

Muscat: Old Muttrah fish market will be transformed into a parking lot for visitors to the new one and will have space for 140 vehicles, the Muscat Municipality has announced.
“The Muscat Municipality will work on the land where the temporary market is located, to create space for public parking, which is expected to accommodate approximately 140 parking spots,” it said.
This comes a day after the new Muttrah fish market was opened, which has 136 fish selling platforms, 36 cutting platforms, 48 platforms for selling vegetables and fruits counters and eight meat and poultry shops.
The official said all the laws and regulations related to the issuance of licences have been followed with the recruitment of workers, the maintenance of the market and with the disposal of solid and liquid wastes, taking into account that it will be open throughout he year.
Located close to the Port Sultan Qaboos, which has now been declared a tourism port, the well-planned new Muttrah fish market is expected to attract tourists who visit Oman in cruise ships. “We are sure that it will become one of the iconic landmarks of Muscat,” a resident of Muttrah said.
The new fish market will also feature fish landing, refrigeration, preparation, packaging, and storage areas, offices for staff and coffee shops. The new project has come up near the fish market that was built in 1960.