OmanPride: Omani workers overhaul giant ships

More sports Wednesday 27/September/2017 21:24 PM
By: Times News Service
OmanPride: Omani workers overhaul giant ships

Muscat: Four of the world’s biggest ships have been successfully overhauled by proud workers in Oman.
The mammoth vessels, owned by the Oman Shipping Company, spent between 10 days and two weeks each being painted and having their hulls grit blasted, along with other servicing jobs.
One of the four largest in the company’s fleet — the Saham Max — is 360 metres long and 65 metres wide. That’s the length of almost four football pitches.
The total surface area painted was 42,248 square metres, which is almost 10 acres.
Oman Drydock Company (ODC) recently completed the maintenance works for Saham Max, Shinas Max, Liwa Max, and Sohar Max, and four Very Large Ore Carriers (VLOCs), owned by the Oman Shipping Company .
Stephan Aumann, chief executive officer of ODC, said, “There aren’t many VLOCs in the world’s fleet, and there are only a few yards that can accommodate the VLOC and carry out dry-docking repair jobs. The immense painting and machinery job done for the four ore carriers is one of our notable achievements.”
ODC is also developing new business streams in the international maritime shipping and offshore market
“Since the Middle East is still facing challenges in the ship repair market, ODC is developing new business streams for the international maritime shipping and offshore market, supported by our international agents and intensive promotional visits to attract ship management companies, ship owners and offshore companies from all over the world, and receiving them at ODC in Duqm, Oman,” Aumann added.
“Oman Shipping Company is one of our major clients that we have built a strong relationship with since our starting soft-operations. The government-owned companies are aiming to achieve a global vision with their capabilities in the logistics sector under the umbrella of ASYAD,” he added.