OmanPride: Oman is a great place to live

More sports Wednesday 27/September/2017 20:11 PM
By: Times News Service
OmanPride: Oman is a great place to live

#ReadersResponse: With expat networking website, InterNations having ranked Oman second in the GCC and 17th in the world when it comes to popularity, residents in the country have been quick to affirm the high status it has been given in the 2017 Expat Insider Report.

“I’m not an Omani but I love Oman more than my country,” said Rusna Mohamed. “It is very peaceful and 100% safe, the locals are very good and very friendly, and His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said has not just won the heart of locals, but expatriates as well. Long live Oman and long live the Sultan.”

Lakshmi Nagarajan was also quick to praise the Sultanate’s appreciative qualities. “Oman is a very beautiful, lovely, and disciplined country,” she explained. “I love Oman and Muscat, and I have been living here for many years.”

Mujeeb Rehman added, “His Majesty Sultan Qaboos has always been one of the world’s greatest leaders and has always done the best for Oman, its people, and the neighbouring countries. I wish him a long and happy life.” It was the serenity and calm of living in Oman that appealed to many of the residents in the Sultanate.

“Oman is a serene, calm and quiet nation with a sincere and dedicated duty to help all its inhabitants, both the natives and residents lead happy and prosperous lives,” exclaimed Nasir Pallath, as Ravinder Anand added, “it’s only because of the great leadership of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said’s policies of peace towards humanity that the country is a great place for everyone. Long live His Majesty.”

“I like Oman because it is a very peaceful and well-disciplined country,” added Waqas Ahmed. “Its governance is so good, but they need to bring more investors, and support and facilitate foreign investors so that the country can grow even further.”

Sam Atti was happy to see Oman act as an oasis of religious and spiritual pluralism, which allowed people to live in harmony: “Oman has allowed space for everyone, whether they are Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, or Muslims,” he said. “It’s a clean and orderly country, where citizens seem to always be ready to help people who find themselves in distressing situations. The police and security forces are very active,” added Atti. “All of us wish Oman a good future and hope it continues to act as a good example to other countries of the world.”

“I have been living here for the last 11 years and Oman has always surprised me,” said Shyam Maurya. “When I am with my friends in Ruwi, I am always confident about my safety. When I am walking at night, I am sure about my safety. When I’m buying food from a hotel or supermarket, I know my safety is taken care of. “When my family and I go to watch a movie, I know they will always be safe,” he added. “The helpful nature of the local people, a multicultural society country is what makes Oman such a nice country. A salute to His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said for his efforts to create a peaceful place and provide opportunities to every human.”
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