Five sips to try this weekend

T-Mag Wednesday 27/September/2017 19:18 PM
By: Times News Service
Five sips to try this weekend

We often don’t give enough credit to drinks while trying a new restaurant. For some reason mocktails and shakes take a backseat. So this week we decided to round up five favourite drinks that will make your dining experience thrilling.

Being a food writer and reviewer, I have passed quite a number of restaurants that offered me interesting sips with flavours to remember. Though ordering drinks can be a hit-or-a-miss kind of a situation, but once you find that ultimate drink, your day just becomes better. From fine dining restaurants, to burger joints, to affordable binge-on-a-budget places, there’s always that one drink that you can’t get enough of, making it a staple whenever you visit that place. With these five drinks, I bet your list of favourite drinks will be extended, because these are selections that are different, tasty, and the real thirst quencher, leaving a pleasant aftertaste. [email protected]

1. Rose Water Juice at Dukanah Café
If you fancy trying something local, this is for you. The drink is quite a thirst-quencher. I have tried many rose water-infused drink but there’s something extra special about this one; it’s made of real, fresh rose petals blended with sugar, a bunch of ice, and a touch of lime. It’s refreshing, zesty, and very delicious. And, its presentation that comes in a gigantic glass full of rose pink colour and petals bedded on a foamy top is just perfection.

Dukanah Café
Azaiba (Behind GMC Showroom)
+968 2450 2244

2. Lindt Zesty Orange at The Chocolate Room
Any chocoholics in the house? I got you covered. This zesty-but-sweet cocoa shake is the business. It’s made of famous Lindt chocolates, blended with a citrusy flavour of orange, and topped with whipped cream and a zest of orange. The taste of dark chocolate and sweet orange leaves bittersweet aftertaste that will keep you coming back here for more.

The Chocolate Room
Al Ghubra, Bousher
+968 2449 9922

3. Biscky at Bistro 64
Now, let’s talk about the sweet stuff. You all know that I could die for anything lotus. My eyes went straight to this beverage-slash-dessert during my last visit to Bistro 64. The drink is a treat for those with a sweet-tooth; it’s a creamy milkshake made of vanilla ice cream blended with lotus biscuits, tossed with bits of crushed biscuit on top, and drizzled with caramel sauce. This is the pinnacle of milkshakes; it’s cookie flavour makes it a favourite atop my list of thick beverages.

Bistro 64
Jawharat Al Shatti, Qurum
+968 9628 6783

4. The Lantern at Maya
I fell in love with the drink before taking a sip because I was so fascinated by the lantern. One of the best drink presentations ever. The drink is inspired by modern India, serving flavours and style, and sipping on it will shoot euphoric sparks to your mood instantly. Its zesty mix of cherry, orange juice, and marmalade will leave your tastebuds entertained.

The Cave, Darsait
+968 9469 5055

5. Dried Lime Juice at Dukanah Café
What are the odds of having two of my favourite drinks from the same place? Yes, this is another traditional sip served at Dukanah. The juice is made of ground-then-boiled Omani dried lemon. These dry lemons are staple in traditional Omani households, making it a must-try delicacy, especially for expats who wish to taste an authentic local flavour. The taste has a tangy zing and takes a dark brown colour similar to that of tamarind. Its unusual taste makes it ever more interesting.

Dukanah Café
Azaiba (Behind GMC Showroom)
+968 2450 2244