Life skills: 10 things you can share with a best friend

T-Mag Wednesday 27/September/2017 19:12 PM
By: Times News Service
Life skills: 10 things you can share with a best friend

While the world sees the side you choose to show them, a best friend loves the side you don’t. To all those who thrive on the true joy of having that one close buddy, here are 10 things you can totally relate to. Go on, give your buddy a high five!

Your scores in mid school
Sure, it’s funny now. But way back, when school was your everyday battleground, there was no way you could possibly take those horrifying grades back home without a really good justification for your miserable failure. When all seemed bleak, only the best friend could be turned to for comfort. Though chances are your buddy’s excuses didn’t spare you from getting grounded, at least you mustered up the courage to tell your folks without considering fleeing to the woods.

That ghastly plot against the sibling
We’ve all had that one brainy cousin we detest but everyone else seems to be in complete awe of; or that younger sibling who keeps getting away with everything (but you, on the other hand, are supposed to behave like a responsible adult). If someone ever had to be taught a lesson the hard way, your best buddy has always been your primary sidekick. (We do hope there were no ugly ends though.)

The truth behind your million dollar speeches
Oh yes, you have been such a smooth talker. Everyone thinks it just comes to you naturally. But it’s the best friend who’s heard your routine infinite number of times (they probably know every word by heart), calmed you down in the event of a last-minute panic attack in the bathroom, and given you the pep talk of being ‘awesome’ a zillion times over. However, best friends can also foresee how much of those statements you are actually planning to honour. They know the whole truth behind your ‘half lies’; but hey, best friends don’t judge!

Things you are conscious about
Like speaking a foreign language, singing a duet at karaoke nights and even something as trivial as wearing a red skirt or saying the word ‘Mississippi’ – you can always count on your buddy to ease the discomfort. As you maintain your calm composure on the outside, your buddy knows exactly how the butterflies in the stomach have a battle of flutters.

Your real colour
It could be your hair, your eyes or even your soul — the best friend knows the true you. And no matter how dark it might be (no pun intended) they’d still love you unconditionally. There is never a need to explicitly mention things to them because they just know, and there is never a reason to hide because they’re bound to find out anyway. Besides, you need someone you can shamelessly be yourself around and vent your confessions to.

The secrets of the bloodline
How lousy a businessman your famous uncle actually is, how your cousin really landed that scholarship, or what exactly happens at the family holiday home every summer — your best friend has a complete lowdown of everything (or has lived them with you as another unfortunate victim of your family’s flip side). All those things that your family keeps under wraps, your best friend keeps them private too.

The minute you fell in love
Your best buddy would always be the first to know. It didn’t matter even if they were in the middle of creating history, but not being physically present at the moment Cupid struck you with his bow, means they would have to listen to every minute detail of the rendezvous a million times over.

...and the minute you fell out of it – Your best friend instantly took over the role of your advocate, confidante, and therapist; and till date solemnly maintains the fact that it was never your fault (well, at least to the rest of the world).

The times you’ve been turned down
It takes courage to handle rejection and most often than not, we keep it to ourselves. While you shrug off the rejections and pretend that ‘it’s all good’, your best friend has witnessed all that happens behind closed doors.
Their ears have fallen prey to the most horrifying things you would have liked to do to the opponent; but without secretly clambering out of the window to escape this monstrous side, they’ve sat you down and told you, ‘you’re better than that’!

How leaky you can get
We don’t mean your bladder issues, though we’re pretty certain the buddy knows that too; here we’re talking about all those times you’ve really let those tears flow. While everyone’s had those embarrassing teary moments in public, not everyone has witnessed how you look when you howl, wail and ugly-cry like a child. A shoulder, a tight hug, and a genuine assurance that everything would be fine — your old buddy has seen you through your worst. They know how pathetic you look with a running nose, red-eyes, and a twisted-face. And you’re still friends.

How much you really love them
You don’t have to say it; the love goes beyond words, continuous announcements and ‘bff’ hashtags on social media. They know you love them to the moon and back, even if you are way cool to say it. [email protected]