OmanPride: Students in Oman go on a musical voyage to heal the world

More sports Sunday 24/September/2017 18:50 PM
By: Times News Service
OmanPride: Students in Oman go on a musical voyage to heal the world

“We would like to inspire other children of the same age. So if one has passion and interest in something, they can overcome any hurdles and difficulties and fulfil their dreams,” said Manoj Manuel, an Infinity Band member’s parent. The Infinity Band, which goes by the tagline ‘Beginning a Voyage to heal the world’, is a musical band consisting of 12 talented Indian School students, formed by the constant effort and encouragement of their parents.

“It was an initiative by our Band Coordinator — Jeesan Neelangavil and his wife Luxy Jeesan. They are well supported by the parents of the children in the band. After seeing a performance by a senior band, which included students of different schools, they came up with an idea of beginning a band in a humble way,” Manoj explained.

The main objective of the parents was to help kick-start the band and encourage their children to be a part of it, so they could become less involved with electronic gadgets and the virtual world, and create a platform to collectively showcase their talent.

“The main aim of the band is to nurture the musical talent and social commitment of children, especially because children in this modern era are more focussed towards the world of electronic gadgets,” he said.
“We hope that when children are engaged in such activities, their time and energy can be channelled into attaining better and positive vibes, which can help them to see the world on a wider perspective,” he added. Manoj also believes that such activities can help the children to relax and enjoy, even during their stressful school lives.

The band has a mentor and an instrument coordinator, both of whom approached the parents, to help out the children voluntarily. “Our mentor, Savitha Muralidhar, is a Carnatic music trainer with years of experience in training students in India and Oman. By seeing the hard work, dedication and passion of the children in the band, she approached us and offered her voluntary services for the band,” said Manoj said.

“Sreehari Nair is our instrument coordinator who is a highly talented guitarist and a cajon player. He was an active member of a band in his college days. His passion for music, and the interests of the children, drew him to them. In spite of his job pressure and his tiring job, he makes time to guide the children voluntarily,” said Manoj.

Parents have played an important role, in not just the formation of the band, but also the promotion of their own children’s talents, as well as inspiring other children of the same age to break out of their shells and showcase their skills publicly.

“We, as parents, try to allow the children the freedom and autonomy to explore their ideas and do what they want. It gives them the confidence and courage to push themselves hard to enhance their talents. In the beginning stage of the band, we had to go behind different community groups and organisations and request stages for the children to perform. They were kind enough to provide opportunities for these children. Subsequently, children in the band became confident, stage after stage. We are grateful to all those who encouraged and supported our children,” he said.

“For the parents, it is beyond their imagination that their children have reached this stage. So, they are ready to go to any extent to support their children in excelling in their talent. In fact, the parents are behind the success of this band. They spend their time and energy and toil hard to help the children,” he said.[email protected]