Try some bubble tea at Meito

T-Mag Wednesday 20/September/2017 19:19 PM
By: Times News Service
Try some bubble tea at Meito

When I received an invite from Meito on their opening about a week back, the first thing that appealed to me was its name. Derived from the name of a couple, who were original founding members of the chain along with Lan Nguyen, the word in itself is an acronym that stands for Manage, Entertain, Invite, Think, and Offer.

Meito is a warm, cosy place in Al Muzn Mall with a funky décor and funkier edibles. The walls are a ragged texture with fun facts hanging on it. It is a road facing ‘deli’, as some would like to call it, as it is a midway between a café and a restaurant. While amongst the many things they offer including salads, burgers, cakes, desserts, coffees, and a whole lot of beverages, their USP is bubble tea. A concept not very known to Oman, bubble tea is a fun drink, essentially made of 3 components – tea (green, jasmine, black milk tea), a flavour you prefer, and finally the topping which is the bubble. The bubbles that Meito offers are tapioca pearls, jellies and the most interesting bobas. I have had bubble tea before, but have never tried bobas bubble tea. These bubbles pop/burst as it touches the tongue. It feels a little like Seven Seas but unlike the sea cod, it’s not too hard to burst and you don’t have to rinse your mouth multiple times to remove the awful taste. Instead you will catch yourself enjoying the flavour that the burst bubble adds to the tea in your mouth.

The most fascinating fact is that you can make 6,615,000 combinations from the bubble tea options available at Meito. The six step process of choosing your tea includes choosing a tea base, size, temperature, flavour, and finally topping, which is beautifully displayed for you to choose from. When served, sip from the huge straws and feel the bubbles, burst, melt or play with your tongue and enjoy the tasty experience.

Apart from bubble tea, Meito also has delicious burgers (angos beef and chicken), a variety of cheesecakes including Oman’s special lotus cheesecake, pastas, and a range of salads. In fact, the salad bar from where you can refill your plate unlimited number of times is also going to start soon. Just when I thought that cafes and restaurants in Oman cannot innovate with regards to options and varieties, a store like Meito opens and reinstills by tastebuds’ faith in humanity.
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