Lincoln MKC: Manoeuvre through life conveniently

Roundup Wednesday 20/September/2017 18:16 PM
By: Times News Service
Lincoln MKC: Manoeuvre through life conveniently

Muscat: The Lincoln MKC is an SUV that offers stress-free experiences. Designed and engineered with the customer in mind, the MKC makes a perfect vehicle to get through life’s demands in convenience and luxury.
Take, for instance, a warm sunny day, where one may have their hands full with essential grocery items or even may be the latest in fashion wear. Normally flipping through the handbag or pockets to locate the vehicle key to unlock the trunk lid would be the obvious practice. During this search, one would obviously turn a juggler to avoid placing those shopping bags on the street.
Surprisingly in the Lincoln MKC, with the Hands-free Liftgate, all one would require doing is confidently motion their foot under the rear end of the MKC and watch the trunk open. More like a wish come true.
Those looking forward to owning the MKC can benefit with a cash gift ranging from OMR3,700 up to OMR6,000.
Now if one is headed to the next destination immediately to cash in on a special offer or a latest limited period offering, there is bound to be a crowd, cars, and challenging parking slots. However, in an MKC with the Active Park Assist with Park Out Assist, parking in such challenging slots is more like a cakewalk.
Active park assist with park out assist helps take the guesswork and stress out of parallel parking. The system uses ultrasonic sensors to help identify a space that is the right size, then steers the vehicle into it. Simply follow the on-screen prompts, and operate the accelerator, brake and shifter as needed.
This feature even provides assistance when pulling out of a parallel spot. Moreover, for additional guidance during parking manoeuvres, the Forward and Reverse Sensing Systems will emit beeping tones to alert one of the objects near the front or rear of the vehicle. Imagine the joy of having such a feature. One can literally take parking for granted.
After a busy day well spent, the least one would expect is any surprises on the way back home. To take care of the journey ahead is the adaptive cruise control and collision warning with brake support in the MKC. This feature is designed to eliminate the need for constant adjustments.
By simply setting the speed, it can adjust to maintain a preset gap from the vehicle in front. If a potential collision is detected, it will alert through visible and audible warnings and if needed precharge the brakes and increase brake sensitivity to help one reach full braking, faster.
Overall the MKC is stunning. Right from the exterior to its interior, luxury and convenience are what one can enjoy on every journey. The Lincoln MKC features a standard 2.0-litre four-cylinder EcoBoost turbocharged engine delivering a competitive 253 net PS at 5,500 rpm and 389 nm of net torque at 2500 rpm, the most torque per litre in its class.
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