ahlibank joins hands with MoH to offer measles vaccination

Roundup Wednesday 20/September/2017 17:54 PM
By: Times News Service
ahlibank joins hands with MoH to offer measles vaccination

Muscat: Along with ensuring that its customers are constantly rewarded for their patronage, ahlibank takes various initiatives to serve the community as part of its corporate social responsibility.
ahlibank joined hands with Ministry of Health (MoH) to conduct a measles campaign in its auditorium recently.
MoH earlier announced a nationwide campaign and urged everyone in Oman between the ages of 20 and 35 to get vaccinated. ahlibank partnered with MoH as an endeavour to further raise awareness of the epidemic and simultaneously encourage people to come in and get the required vaccination. The ahlibank office, now located in the central district of Al Wattayah, proved to be an accessible area for many, therefore making it easier for them to get a quick jab of the vaccine. The campaign, which was open to all customers and employees of ahlibank, received an excellent response.
“As corporate citizens of the country, it is our responsibility to contribute towards the social welfare of the people and society at large,” said Lloyd Maddock, CEO, ahlibank. “In line with our CSR activities, we go beyond just being a banking partner for our customers and endeavour to assist them in different walks of life; helping society and working for a cause is something we take a special interest in.”
ahlibank has taken various such initiatives in the past for the betterment of society as a responsible corporate citizen with deep compassion for the community. It focuses on supporting relevant causes throughout the country and upon enriching the lives of residents. Through a wide range of CSR activities, the bank demonstrates its dedication to people’s welfare in the country it serves, as well as abroad. ahlibank will continue to play a positive role in society through various initiatives in diverse social, educational, cultural, health and sports activities.