OMR2 million boost for entrepreneurship, jobs in Oman

Energy Monday 18/September/2017 20:21 PM
By: Times News Service
OMR2 million boost for entrepreneurship, jobs in Oman

Muscat: More than 170 investors have shown an inclination so far to invest a total of OMR2 million under ‘Melad,’ an initiative launched by an Omani entrepreneur in an attempt to solve unemployment among Omanis through entrepreneurship.
The initiative aims to bring together entrepreneurs, both employed and unemployed ones, who have time but do not have capital, with businessmen, who have money but do not have time, along with consultants for meeting together and coming up with projects that can provide jobs for Omanis and help halt or reduce unemployment among Omani nationals.
An online registration platform was created on Saturday, September 15 for entrepreneurs, investors and consultants, who are willing to take part in this initiative. Registration is open on the Melad link until Friday, September 22.
“I was really impressed by getting more than 170 investors registered on the Melad online platform during the first two days of the launch of the initiative. When calculated, the total amount of investment registered by investors has reached more than two million Omani riyals,” said Saif Ahmed Saif Al Manji, an Omani entrepreneur who came up with ‘Melad’ initiative.
“A lot re-tweeted Melad initiative. I also got calls from government institutions that showed their willingness to support the initiative,” he added.
“Our main aim is to provide jobs for unemployed Omanis. Consultants can help with the legal, technical, marketing, finance and other aspects of the project,” Al Manji said. Investors who apply on the Melad online platform are asked to fill in a form mentioning how much they can invest, the least is OMR1,000 and it can go up to more than OMR100,000.
“Investors who registered their investment interests included both Omani and non-Omani investors.” Al Manji told the Times of Oman that nearly 96 consultants and more than 390 entrepreneurs have already registered with ‘Melad’ in two days.
Saif Al Manji’s message was that instead of only complaining about the problems we have in our society, we need to find proper solutions for them.
Ahmed Salim Al Siyabi, one of the investors who has registered for Melad and expressed his willingness to invest from OMR5,000 to OMR20,000 in this initiative told Times of Oman, “I have a strong belief that Omani jobseekers are able to be creative when they are given the opportunity to perform professions they are interested in, therefore I have become interested to invest in this initiative.”
“Omanis are hardworking and realistic when compared with a lot of the neighbouring countries,” Al Siyabi added.