OJA members laud Zubair SEC for hosting 'media and entrepreneurship' workshop

Roundup Monday 18/September/2017 19:23 PM
By: Times News Service
OJA members laud Zubair SEC for hosting  'media and entrepreneurship' workshop

Muscat: Members of Omani Journalists Association (OJA) have praised the Zubair Small Enterprises Centre (Zubair SEC) for organising an enlightening workshop on ‘media and entrepreneurship’.
The workshop deliberated on the role journalists should play while reporting stories related to small and medium enterprises (SMEs), start-ups and new entrepreneurs. Thirty media personnel and members of Zubair SEC. attended the workshop on ‘media and entrepreneurship’.
The workshop was held to fulfil the terms set by a memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed by Zubair SEC and OJA in December 2016. The objective of the MoU was to shed light on the success stories of small enterprises, entrepreneurs and members of Zubair SEC. Understanding that media has an important role to play in raising a culture of entrepreneurship, the MOU aimed to change society’s perception of entrepreneurship through articles, interviews and exposure.
The sessions focused on a number of topics including international law, economic development, legal responsibility, issues for small and practice enterprises among others. The role of media in boosting the economy of the country was also discussed.
Yousuf bin Ali Al Balushi, member of the board of directors of the Omani Journalists Association and member of the training and rehabilitation committee of the association said, “The objective of the workshop was to help brush-up the performance of journalists and media professionals covering the field of entrepreneurship. It provided them with an insight into the frameworks they must incorporate while reporting on entrepreneurship. The course aimed to educate participants on the best practices and urged them to adopt international practice while writing on the subject.”
He added, “There is no doubt the media must have awareness of the international trends while reporting on a subject that influences the national economy. Participants also gained expertise on creative writing. We thank Zubair SEC profusely for their forethought in organising this workshop.”
Saif bin Salem bin Saif Al Maamari, Buraimi Governorate correspondent, Al Roya newspaper said, “The workshop was a result of a notable partnership between private sector institutions namely Zubair SEC and OJA. We all agree that media is a partner and plays a significant role in energising the economic sector. That is why it is important that media personnel have adequate knowledge. For me, this workshop was a window to gain a lot of knowledge related to entrepreneurship. It highlighted the positive and negative impact that media institutions can have on national economies. Arming the media in the Sultanate with relevant information will enable them to provide media content that strengthens the programmes and plans of the government in building a coherent and promising economy.”
Salem bin Mohammed Al Luwaihi, reporter, Al Watan newspaper, said, “The workshop was outstanding as it briefed journalists on many issues relating to individuals, companies, corporate governance and even commercial fraud in various forms. We deliberated on issues that specifically concern the owners of small and medium enterprises. I felt the workshop was held at the apt time as the world is witnessing a change in the economic scenario.”
Talib bin Mohammed bin Nasser Al Wahaibi, photojournalist said, “The sessions were extremely informative and as a photographer, I was able to gain great insight into aspects with regard to intellectual property. I thank the OJA for this wonderful opportunity.”
Rashid bin Humaid Al Rashdi, Oman based media and radio correspondent said, “I would like to thank Zubair SEC for their great efforts in supporting young Omanis who wish to set up their own businesses. The topics covered during the workshop will help us present and report stories of SMEs and new entrepreneurs in a comprehensive way. We really hope that other private sector institutions are inspired by Z-Corp and Zubair SEC to organise workshops like this one.”
Said bin Saif bin Rashid Al Habsi, media correspondent, said, “The skills we have obtained from this training programme will help us report stories and articles in a balanced and objective manner. It highlighted the significance of using Information only from authentic sources, which is important for any journalist, especially those covering business. We appreciate Zubair SEC’s initiative to host this event and hope that more media personnel can benefit from such programmes.”
Dr Essam bin Ahmed bin Abbas, an international arbitration expert, said that this workshop has fulfilled its goal in terms of helping the participants to acquire new skills and knowledge. The enthusiastic participation by media professionals made the workshop a great success. They benefited greatly because it discussed several important issues, including the importance of introducing arbitration to settle commercial disputes, the significance of encouraging investments to revive the economy and how small and medium enterprises (SMEs) can perform better if they rendered support.
Hamad bin Amer Al Habsi, Omani News Agency correspondent said, “The session was useful and educational as we learnt about many laws regulating the media and its relation to entrepreneurship. Those working in the print, television or radio gained expertise about the business aspects related to the investment climate, competition, monopoly, tax and economic laws, administrative transactions in corporate licenses, establishment of arbitration and litigation laws, and others.”