New rules for hiring Indian housemaids in Oman

Energy Monday 18/September/2017 19:30 PM
By: Times News Service
New rules for hiring Indian housemaids in Oman

Muscat: To streamline the recruitment procedures for female domestic workers abroad, the Government of India has authorised six state government agencies to carry out recruitment for foreign employers, the Indian Embassy in Muscat said on Monday.
"These are NORKA Roots, Kerala; Overseas Development Employment Promotion Consultants, Kerala; Overseas Manpower Corporation Ltd., Chennai, Uttar Pradesh Financial Corporation; Overseas Manpower Company Andhra Pradesh Ltd. and Telangana Overseas Manpower Company,” the Embassy said in a statement.
“Employers of female domestic workers and recruitment agencies, have been pointing out that the financial guarantee of OMR1,100, a deposit to be made with banks, has been a key factor in discouraging recruitment of Indian female domestic workers through E-migrate system. The Government of India has, after consultation with various stakeholders, decided that for employers recruiting female domestic workers from India through any of these six State Government Agencies, the requirement of Bank Guarantee of OMR1,100 stands waived with immediate effect,” it said.
The recruitment of Indian female domestic workers from any other recruitment agency in India will continue to require a bank guarantee of OMR1,100 and a No Objection Certificate from the embassy. “Any recruitment of female domestic workers, if not carried out through E-migrate system, is a violation of Indian rules and laws,” it added.
The Embassy hopes that Employers in Oman, who want to employ Indian female domestic workers, and Omani recruitment agencies which carry out recruitment on behalf of employers, will abide by the requirement of Indian laws and regulations and will not engage in recruitment of Indian female domestic workers out of E-migrate system.