Huawei launches Global Information and Communication Technologies competition in Oman

Energy Sunday 17/September/2017 19:03 PM
By: Times News Service
Huawei launches Global Information and Communication Technologies competition in Oman

Muscat: Technology firm Huawei has launched their Global Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) competition in Oman, winners of which will get a chance to compete with teams worldwide in China.
The initiative comes as a part of Huawei’s effort to aid Oman in realising its vision 2020 in transforming businesses digitally. The competition will help students to recognise their IT skills by providing them a platform to compete at different levels.
After completion of all rounds of the competition, students will be given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to travel to China and attend the contest with teams from other nine countries, while gaining insider access to a top global ICT company.
“Huawei will grant the winners an exclusive chance to meet with the brand’s leadership. They will gain unrivalled exposure to Huawei’s expertise in telecommunications, enterprise and consumer business. This is one of our initiatives to develop Oman’s ICT sector, which is expected to undergo major changes in the next few years,” Leo Hong, chief executive officer (CEO) of Huawei Oman said.
“Vision 2020 aims for the development of human resources and Omanis’ capabilities to keep up with their technical development, manage the changes therein with high efficiency, and face the ever-changing domestic and global conditions. Huawei ICT Skills competition will support this target and benefit universities and students at a great level. Future growth is aimed at developing ICT knowledge and skills in students. National competitiveness will be increased through developing ICT talent in Oman.”
Huawei started its journey in 2003 in Oman, with a representative office and has grown steadily ever since. Over the years, Huawei has developed partnerships with key stakeholders and today has a local enterprise, with more than 350 employees across the Sultanate. In the past years, Huawei has not only focussed on the innovation, but also contributed to knowledge transfer in Oman. TRA, service providers, Huawei and universities have collaborated on numerous initiatives in knowledge transfer and innovations.
Students will be able to register for this competition online at Huawei’s website. The company also plans to hold road shows in different colleges that will talk about this competition and encourage students to take part. The competition will be in the form of an exam, which students will have to take.
“We are expecting a few hundred participants this year. There is a lot of promise in this sector and we want more students to take part,” CEO Hong said.