10 best tips for eye makeup

T-Mag Wednesday 13/September/2017 18:35 PM
By: Times News Service
10 best tips for eye makeup

We all love to flaunt our eye makeup. The smoky eye-shadow, winged liners and extra long lashes — anything that can make those eyes look more dramatic. But what is often missed in the pursuit for those angelic eyes are the dangers that arise from not following the right beauty habits. No, don’t get us wrong, we don’t mean ditch all those colourful palettes and fancy brushes; all we’re saying is — learn to use them the waythey are meant to be used. This week, let’s get down to beautifying those eyes, the right way.[email protected]

1. Be possessive
When it comes to your makeup items, especially eyes, sharing is really not caring. It’s not advisable to share your mascaras, brushes, and any other makeup item. Insist on using your own mascaras if you are getting your makeup done at a salon and ensure that the brushes are cleaned well before they are used on you. The reason is simple — makeup tools act as carriers of infection if not cleaned properly; which means if it has been used on someone who has had the smallest eye infection, there are good chances you might be landing with one too. And that’s pretty gross.

2. Do a mock test for allergic reactions
Let’s be real, we aren’t all chemists, and neither are we going to study the ingredients behind each and every makeup box. Certain brands use common ingredients for their line of products that sometimes might lead to unpleasant reactions. When trying a new brand, it’s a good idea to test a product for shorter periods before investing in buying the entire line of eye-makeup.

3. Stick to the use it’s meant for
We like the idea of things being multipurpose but let’s go easy on that principle when it comes to eye makeup. Using the same pencil as eyeliner and lipliner at the same time can lead to spreading of germs.

4. Be ready to give it up
Yes, that mascara met all those promises of voluminous lashes, but if it has been over 3 months (and for those really clingy ones, a maximum of 6), it’s time to say bye-bye. If it’s dried up, don’t push it by adding water or even worse, saliva (excuse us for having to state that). For the forgetful ones, we suggest writing the date when opening a new bottle of mascara so you know when its expiry time. Other eye-makeup items do last longer than the mascara, but we must respect its shelf life nevertheless. It’s there for a reason!

5. All things glittery
Be wary of all that glitter (no, we aren’t going to use that cliché line about it not being gold) as it tends to flake and these flakes can get into the eyes and cause irritation. Those wearing contact lenses should try to avoid the extra glitter. And we all know the struggles of getting that glitter off (talk about being water-resistant). It can end up in clogged tear ducts and conditions like blepharitis.

6. Tight lining
They say it really makes the eyes stand out. But tight-lining the eyelids can be tricky. If you are wearing contacts, be careful not to get any of the sketch ink in your eyes. Not only will it stain and make your contacts uncomfortable, but it can also lead to eye infections. Never risk trying to line your eyelids when you are in a moving vehicle as any sudden jerks can have you scratch your cornea. The damage is really not worth an evening without a liner. You’d rather people say you look sleepy than ‘Hey! You’re missing an eye.’

7. Use a lash primer
We all love mascaras to give our eyes the fullest ‘batting’ potential, but regular usage can make the lashes brittle. Prepping them with lash primer before applying mascara helps prevent breakage. Watch out for the ingredient ethyl alcohol and instead, go for brands that are paraben and phthalate free.

8. Makeup with eye infections
Though it is needless to say that wearing eye makeup when you are already busy tackling an infection is a bad idea, a lot of us still wear makeup to hide a stye or another (not very pretty) infection. Make a note of the items you used when you had the infection and make sure you don’t continue using them even later. But honestly, we’d still say – skip the makeup.

9. Lubricate
Heavy eye makeup (fake lashes, instantly come to mind) can dry eyes out and for some of us who suffer from the problem, repetitive dryness can severely cause irreversible damage to the eyes. Conditions like kerato-conjuctivitis (go Google) are really not pretty or comfortable and no amount of makeup can hide those monstrous red eyes. Simply lubricating the eyes with off-the-counter medications like artificial tears can go a long way to keep eyes feeling hydrated, fresh and reducing eye fatigue. Use a few drops before loading on the makeup and once you have it all off.

10. Cool those tired eyes
While the right concealers might do the trick to cover those dark circles, giving those bags under your eyes the needed soothing attention is beneficial in the long run. Don’t throw away your tea bag; refrigerate them for a while and use it to cool those eyes. Cucumber slices also help to pull out the heat that is built up in those eyes. You won’t see those bags and dark circles disappearing completely and instantly but we do guarantee that your eyes will thank you. Let’s put it this way, makeup looks better if you have a healthy base.