Oman dining: New menu at Clouds restaurant

T-Mag Wednesday 13/September/2017 18:30 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman dining: New menu at Clouds restaurant

Dining at Clouds is always a great experience; you are not only surrounded by the beautiful views of the Qurum Heights and Darsait but you also get to savour the authentic Lebanese versions of your favourite dishes such as mixed grill platters, shawarmas, and mezze. Last weekend, I was at Clouds for a quick lunch as my palate yearned for the taste of hummus and some fire-kissed kebabs. I headed to the place with my friends only to find out that there’s a new menu with interesting dishes to feast on, up in the air.

Clouds introduced new additions to their already elaborate menu where they incorporated a variety of global dishes, treated with a touch of Lebanon. Some of the items were pretty interesting. I didn’t know where to start so I asked the friendly waiter to prepare something extra delicious for us, and he did not disappoint at all. We started with a refreshing drink made of pineapple, passion fruit, lemon, and a hint of mint. Passion fruit drinks are always delicious, so I had a great time sipping on this summery juice. It also had a piece of the fruit floating on the glass, which added a strong citrus flavour with a bit of pulps – loved it.

For starters we had mezze dips with nuts followed by Norwegian salad, a plate of garden-fresh greens, garnished with sliced cherry tomatoes, and topped with smoked salmon. This was something different for me as I love my smoked fish on some form of bread.

As I finished my salad, the third and final starter was placed on my table. It was shrimp wrapped in vermicelli, and served with Clouds’ sweet sauce. The crispiness of vermicelli, the springy texture of prawns, and the sweet taste of the Thai-inspired dip made this an enjoyable treat. Starter portions are quite huge, so sharing is caring. The dishes in the main course were my absolute favourite; they mixed a variety of cuisines with that of Lebanese, and they added a few traditional delicacies, too. The first main was Clouds’ take on the popular sizzling steak with mushroom sauce dish. The steak was juicy and perfectly mingled with the peppery mushroom sauce. Then we dived into the clay pot shish tawook, a creamy, cheesy dish made of grilled chicken pieces, and cooked in a clay pot. This was the star of the show. The cream was thick and the chicken was juicy, giving you an all-star dish for the season. It is surely a must-try.

The new additions look great for Clouds. Sometimes you may not be fancying the usual Lebanese cuisine, but desire a dining session with mountainous views that only Clouds can offer. Don’t miss the clay pot cheesy bowl. You’ll surely thank me later. [email protected]

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