Oman fashion: Best place for Omani traditional dress

T-Mag Wednesday 13/September/2017 18:18 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman fashion: Best place for Omani traditional dress

Wearing a dishdasha with perfect trims along with a matching Mussar can make a real fashion statement. And if it is aesthetically made keeping up with the traditions then it is sure to add more elegance and style to the attire. This week we are taking you to Dar Saaf, an Omani man’s wonderland, where dishdashas are made with a supreme taste of fashion.

Long gone are the days of wearing a plain, out-of-date dishdasha as people in town are becoming more and more aware of the latest trends that hit the market. They develop their unique sense of fashion that represents their individuality, which is what Dar Saaf is all about.

The boutique is located behind the petrol station facing Al Mouj in North Al Hail and as you enter the store you will quickly realise that this is not your typical tailoring shop, where they measure you and throw a bunch of fabric rolls for you to choose from. Here it’s a classy game. The logo itself is one of my favourite in town, inspired by palm trees as Saaf literally translates to palm tree branch. A beautiful scent of elegant Oud is always filling the air, giving your nostril a scent to remember.

The place has a humongous collection of luxe fabrics that are handcrafted to add a hint of glamour to your personality as it is known in town as the go-to place for men’s traditional dresses and its accessories. The fashion house carries a variety of traditional ensembles that complement your fashionable look, things such as genuine mussars from Kashmir, gold painted strips that add a royal touch, skilfully stitched dishdashas, which are matched with the mussar or kuma, giving you a customised look for celebrations and formal ceremonies.

What I love about this place is the sense of style that the owners have; the catalogue is full of beautiful pastel colours as well as interesting dark shades. My absolute favourite is a black dishdasha with gold stitching that takes the form of tiny leaves, paired with a contrasting white mussar that has the same gold stitching. This is probably my next buy. It adds so much character and control to its wearer. As they say, wear the dishdasha and don’t let it wear you. Is this a real saying or just cooked- up? It doesn’t matter, as the point lies in making a statement and turning plain dishdashas to fashionable pieces that will surely turn heads.

Dar Saaf offers a section for women as well, situated on the first floor where you will find a selection of stylish dresses and abayas designed by Ruqaiya Al Harthi, co-founder of the store. And, if you enjoyed the Oud scent at the store, head to their incense section and shop for some of the best Oud selections, crafted to perfection by experts to add that luxe flavour to your already fabulous dishdasha. So, empty up your closet and get here, you’ll be amazed how colours and stitches can change one’s look from boring to trendy. [email protected]

Dar Saaf
North Al Hail (facing Al Mouj)
+968 2454 5006