Digital studios to boost Oman’s cultural heritage

Business Friday 01/January/2016 20:38 PM
By: Times News Service
Digital studios to boost Oman’s cultural heritage

Muscat: Assigned by His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said, Sayyid Taimour bin Asa’ad bin Tariq Al Said, Assistant Secretary General for International Cooperation at The Research Council, on Thursday opened the digital studios complex of the Public Authority for Radio and Television (PART) at Madinat Al Ialam.
During the opening ceremony, PART and its television and radio channels’ brands were launched, as also unveiling of their new logos and the start of the trial broadcast of the Oman Cultural Channel.
The launching ceremony was held in the presence of Dr. Abdulmunim bin Mansour Al Hassani, Minister of Information, Dr. Abdullah bin Nassir Al Harrasi, PART Chairman, as well as a number of ministers and under-secretaries.
The cultural channel seeks to present Omani cultural treasures, as represented in Oman’s literary, scientific and artistic heritage by Omani scholars, and consolidate the construction of Oman’s historical identity and its cultural heritage. The channel will also link the historical identity of Oman with its geography, so dominant throughout its history.
The channel will be responsible for reproducing the history of Oman in the media, as well as shedding light on all aspects of culture and its development in Oman, as well as on Arab and international levels.
The Cultural Channel will also present a range of programs delving into folk poetry by highlighting poets, in addition to interviews with folk poets.
It will include programs, entitled”Ghaim al Qaaseed,’ which meets with folk poets, ‘Liwan Al Shear,’ a poetry session with elite Omani folk poets, ‘Al Mutaranim,’ which provides visual pictures that accompany Omani poems’, ‘Nagaham,’ which offers visualizations for a number of solo or group music compositions by the Oud Amateurs Society , ‘The Omani Library,’ which focuses on major Omani books through interviews with literary, academic or scientific personalities or researchers.
The Cultural Channel also includes talk show programs discussingthe local and Arab cultural scene, Omani Encyclopedia program that documents, with images, various Omani landscapes, and reports about landmarks and cultural topics.
There is also ‘Booh’ program, which convertstext to a visual picture, ‘Culture News’ program, which displays the latest cultural developments in the Sultanate, ‘Culture of the Week’ program, which highlights the major cultural events in the Sultanate and the world, in addition to reports about cultural issues.
The Cultural Channel will include programs under the titles ‘ Muslim scholars, modern arts, secrets of universe, adventure in archeology, Royal Omani orchestra symphonies, genuine Arab songs, in addition to songs by Omani and Arab singers.
Additionally, the Sports Channel will include a number of programs,such as sports newsletter program and Sport Event, among others.
The new complex has been outfitted with the latest high-quality digital broadcasting technologies. The building has four floors and combines modernity along withthe architectural heritage of Oman. The systems, networks and devices in the complex are designed using the latest technologies in the field of production and television broadcast.
The new compound is a significant and advanced step for radio and television broadcasting in the Sultanate. The new building includes four large digital studios to produce dramas and various programs. The areas of the studios range between 200 and 700 square meters. The complex includes a news centre, that consists of a main hall for editing, designed according to the latest global standards, with a studio for news bulletins broadcast from inside the hall, as well as three other digital studios for news programs. The complex also includes three radio studios for news and three studios for broadcast, as well as a theatre.