BAIC makes a mark in electric vehicles segment globally

Roundup Monday 11/September/2017 17:58 PM
By: Times News Service
BAIC makes a mark in electric vehicles segment globally

Muscat: As electric vehicles become more and more popular, BAIC which produces some of the best-selling electric vehicles is making a name for itself globally.
BAIC’s electric vehicles, which was a leader in the segment in China until May 2017, continues to make a revolution in the EV market.
BAIC electric vehicle business was spun off into a separate company, Beijing Electric Vehicle Company (BJEV) and produces electric cars like BAIC EC180, BAIC EU260 and BAIC EX200 models.
A spokesperson for Gulf Great Sands the exclusive importer of BAIC in Oman said, “The remarkable growth of the BAIC’s electric vehicles is a solid printer that the industry will soon become market driven and experience even further rapid growth. We are proud that BAIC electric vehicles are gaining increasing popularity.”
BAIC BJEV developed the new EC180 model, a masterpiece for the brand and a model, which enjoys impressive sales. The BAIC EC180 EV was the best selling EV in China during the first quarter of 2017 and one of the top 10 EVs by sale in the world.
EU 260
The EU260 adopts the technology of Saab and follows the core car making concept of Northern Europe, looking smart and elegant. It fully uses environmentally friendly materials, and the NVH technology creates a quiet private space. A number of storage spaces ensure the orderly placement of various items so as to keep a tidy and clean interior space. Moreover, this car adopts the integral hydro formed subframe, enhancing its rigidity. The professional sports electric safety chassis helps absorb shock and noise, ensuring both safety and comfort. It can form collision protection by using tires and also achieves a more uniform distribution of the weight of the chassis. The tires have stronger adhesion. The 57:43 weight ratio of front axle to rear axle ensures that the front wheels still have strong adhesion when climbing a slope so as to guarantee the maximum climbing height. As a result, EU260 leaves the rivals far behind in terms of gradability and acceleration performance. Facing the multiple challenges of the EV Rally Qinghai Lake, it looked more valiant, up to the title of the king.
EX200 features the cutting-edge mature battery, motor and electric control technology. It looks solid and decent with impressive fashionable interior trim. There are 7.0” vertical screen, mobile Internet GPS navigation, power sunroof, heated mirrors and remote vehicle control by mobile phone APP. Such safety aids as six airbags, four wheel disc brakes, rearview camera and parking radar bring a lot of convenience to users. Its pro-chassis comes from the professional SUV platform. The unique advantage of SUV in space makes it still have enough comfortable space for the front and rear passengers. Rear seats can also be folded independently at a proportion of 4/6, and create a flat space after being folded. These useful functions for users make EX200 an attractive model.
European Engineering and Safety Standards
BAIC acquired SAAB (Svenska Aeroplan Aktiebolaget) which is a North European brand from Sweden. At the end of 2009, BAIC Motor took over the SAAB’s core assets, including its 9-5/9-3 vehicle platform, turbo engine transmission, R&D, manufacturing and supplier systems. The SAAB unique front wheel drive and steering technology were also inherited by BAIC.
Gulf Great Sands has a state of art service centre in Ghala, Muscat, spread over more than 2900 square metres to provide aftersales services to BAIC customers. GGS has already tied up for Periodic Maintenance Services in many cities including Salalah, Sohar, Sur, Nizwa, Ibra and Barka etc. BAIC offers 5 years or 100,000km manufacturer warranty on all passenger vehicles and 3 years/100,000km manufacturer warranty on commercial vehicles in Oman.