As Floridians face Irma's wrath, Cubans swim through its aftermath

T TV Monday 11/September/2017 11:36 AM
By: Times News Service

The 125-mile-per-hour hurricane that tore through the Cuban coastline on Saturday has turned Havana into one big swimming pool.
The 125-mile-per-hour hurricane, that tore through the Cuban coastline on Saturday, uprooted trees, tore off roofs.. and turned Havana into one big swimming pool...

Unidentified flood victim, saying: "Unprecedented. It really looks like they are wrong (when officials say the hurricane did not hit Havana) and the hurricane hit s here in Havana because this is too much. This has
never happened like this."
The flooding caused extr a headaches for many Cubans...

Sonia Ronda, flood victim, saying: "We spent a very hard night, getting water out of the house all day because the water reached the back of the house. It was very bad."
Kirenia Verdut, flood victim, saying: "We lost items....But I think we weren't surprised by this."
Irma has killed 24 people so far, but none have been reported in Cuba.. So although Irma has left streets and hotels in Havana completely flooded, some Cubans are feeling a sense of relief that the first Category 5 storm to make landfall since 1932 left little harm to people and more areas to go for a quick swim.