Omani Haj pilgrims are finally returning home

Energy Monday 04/September/2017 12:39 PM
By: Times News Service
Omani Haj pilgrims are finally returning home

Muscat: Omani pilgrims have begun making their way back home after performing Haj.
“Convoys of Omani pilgrims began to leave the Holy Land on September 3, after performing Haj this year,” the government announced.
In all 13,750 Omani pilgrims travelled from the country this year, said Sheikh Sultan bin Said Al Hinai, Head of Omani Haj Mission.
The Omani pilgrims have been transported by 66 companies, according to the government.
Sadly, one Omani did not return home. “Khalfan bin Salem bin Khalfan Al Ameri, of the Royal Court Affairs, died during the performance of the Tawaf Al Qadum in Mecca,” a statement from Oman News Agency had announced last month. The deceased was a member of the military Haj mission. After performing the pilgrimage, the military Haj mission arrived yesterday on board three Royal Air Force of Oman (RAFO) planes.
The head and members of the delegation were received at Seeb Airbase by Air Vice Marshal Matar bin Ali Al Obaidani, Commander of the Royal Air Force of Oman (RAFO) and a number of senior officers of the Sultan’s Armed Forces (SAF), RGO, Royal Court Affairs and the other security apparatuses.
The ROP delegation at the Omani Haj Mission received more than 40 complaints on the loss of official documents of Omani pilgrims.
The General Organisation for Statistics in Saudi Arabia also announced the results of Haj statistics for the year 1438H as follows:
“The total number of pilgrims for the year 1438H adds up to 2,352,122, including 1,752,014 pilgrims from outside the kingdom and 600,108 pilgrims from within the kingdom,” the statement read.
“Male pilgrims amounted to 1,334,080, while 1,018,042 female pilgrims attended. Additionally, the total number of pilgrims from the GCC reached 32,600 which accounted for 1.86 per cent of pilgrims.
Additionally, 383,044 pilgrims from Arab countries excluding the GCC countries accounted for 21.86 per cent of the total visitors.
Pilgrims from Asian countries amounted to 1,042,335, making up 59.49 per cent of the total amount, while 186,873 pilgrims came from Africa and 84,894 pilgrims were from Europe.
The total number of pilgrims from North and South America, and Australia added up to 22,268 pilgrims.

-With ONA inputs