Oman accident: Three Ibri bus crash victims laid to rest

Oman Sunday 06/March/2016 22:56 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman accident: Three Ibri bus crash victims laid to rest

Muscat: Three brothers of the injured woman who had died in the Fahud-Ibri road accident last Tuesday, were buried on the same day in the Dhofar governorate, according to one of the relatives of the woman.
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Thirteen bodies had been already identified among the 18 dead in the accident, according to the Royal Oman Police’s official announcement last week.
However, five bodies have still not been identified. There has been no official announcement by the authorities concerned in this regard.
Meanwhile, bus driver Shawkat Al Balushi, after his release from the Nizwa Hospital yesterday said: “I will not drive any bus in the future.”
“I have been passing through a rough patch in my life since the accident. I cannot walk and several of my bones are broken, including in my leg and hand. The horrific scene still remains in front of my eyes,” said Al Balushi.
He said he still remembers the sound of the brakes of the third car involved in the accident.
“I feel really sorry and sad for the 18 people who died in the accident. I am sorry for what happened though it was not my mistake. I tried my best to save my passengers but could not,” said Al Balushi.
“The front window broke as my body ended up hitting it. I still remember the sound of people in the bus screaming and yelling from pain,” said Al Balushi.
He added that he has completed 20 years in this vocation and said it was now time to quit.
“I can’t carry on like this. It is such a difficult profession as one becomes responsible for so many souls. Anything can happen, even if you try to avoid it,” said Al Balushi.