OmanPride: Group of Indian expats achieve Guinness World Record for crocheting

More sports Sunday 27/August/2017 18:30 PM
By: Times News Service
OmanPride: Group of Indian expats achieve Guinness World Record for crocheting

“A group of 79 Indian women and children based in Oman, who are members of the Mother India’s Crochet Queen, are now the proud holders of a Guinness World Record for making the world’s largest crocheted scarf,” said Kiranpreet Sahni Nair, regional head of Mother India Crochet Queen Oman. While Guinness World Record had set a benchmark for making a scarf that is a kilometre long, the dynamic group, consisting of 27 children, managed to make a scarf that is 14.09 kilometres long.

“With great pride, we want to inform that Guinness adjudicator Rishi Nath announced that we have made a 14.09 kilometre-long ‘World’s Longest Crocheted Scarf.’ It was a feast for the eyes to see all the colourful scarves laid down on the grounds of the MNM Jain Engineering College in Chennai,” she said.

A total of 457 pieces of crocheted blankets were made by the Muscat group and each one of these products is going to be donated to charity. The Mother India Crochet Queen (MICQ) (the parent body) in itself has actively been involved in charity work. “All the scarves made by the 763 members across the globe have been dismantled and given in charity to the poor and needy and also about 1,000 scarves are being sent to various dignitaries around the world and to the UN Council members as a gesture of spreading love and peace and brotherhood and sisterhood,” said Kiranpreet.

Crocheting is a human creative skill and the members at MICQ want to encourage more children to take up a human creative skill in order to keep their minds and focus on creative activities.
“MICQ believes in catching the children at young age and making them learn creative skills, which are useful to them in future. We believe that children should be brought out of the gadget addiction to pass their free time. Gadgets, such as Xbox, PS4 and many more are corroding the minds of our children, which is so very harmful for their mind and health.”

Kiranpreet added, “We are glad to see the enthusiasm shown by these 27 children from various schools of India in Oman, who along with their studies made two scarves each and completed the target.” The team, having been a representative of MICQ’s Oman wing has not just made the Indian fraternity in Oman, but also Oman proud, as only one in 500,000 people across the globe is able to establish a Guinness World Record.

“All the members, especially the children are ecstatic and feeling on top of the world after winning the award. At this moment we would like to tell that we at MICQ are again going to attempt for our third Guinness World Record in December 2017 for the ‘Largest Display of Crocheted Sculptures’ in Chennai. This time again, we will have children in our team and we welcome more Indian children and adults to join us in this hat-trick event. As always, the products from this attempt will be donated to charity again,” Kiranpreet said.
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