Oman weather: Ibri received record rain last week

Oman Sunday 20/August/2017 21:07 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman weather: Ibri received record rain last week

Muscat: Wilayat of Ibri had almost 70 millimetres (mm) of rain which is a record according to last week’s rainfall data, officials announced.
The Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources has announced that Ibri in Al Dhahira saw the highest amount of rainfall in a report on the weather changes that affected the country over the period of August 12 to 16.
While Ibri saw 69.2 mm of rain, Al Buraimi saw 22 mm, Al Hamra saw 19.2 mm, and fourth on the list was Nizwa, with 17.4 mm.
Other areas that saw rain include Samail, with 14.1 mm; Dank, with 14 mm; Rustaq and Izki with 13.4 mm each; Nakhal with 6.4 mm; and Muhada with 5.8 mm.
Some wadis also became active during rainfall, including Wadi Arjan in Buraimi, which had medium water flow, and Wadis Abu Qalaa, Haywan, Al Masah and Al Khadra, which had high water flow in Wilayat Muhada.
In Wilayat Dank, Wadis Al Amad, Dank, Al ‘Alali, Fadi, Qamira and Al Fath had high water flow. In Ibri, Wadi Al Bana also had high water flow.
Several dams also filled up in Buraimi, including the Haywan Dam and the Masah Dam. Al Muhada Dam also filled up in Wilayat Al Muhada.