OmanPride: Quriyat Charity Group gives back to its community

More sports Sunday 20/August/2017 18:54 PM
By: Times News Service
OmanPride: Quriyat Charity Group gives back to its community

“Volunteering is a fundamental factor in building societies and spreading social solidity among its citizens. It is a human practice that has been closely linked to all the meanings of good in all people since God’s creation of human beings,” said the Founder of the Quriyat Charity Group, Salim Mubarak Al Rotani, who is on a mission to ensure that every member of his society is living a good life. The charity group extends a helping hand to families, the needy, and those with limited income through a variety of materials, ranging from funds to equipment and items, collected from philanthropists and members of their community, which will be of great use to the poor.

The team works hard with a group of volunteers to achieve noble goals that will draw smiles on people’s faces and plant a seed of hope. The charity was formed by Salim and his fellow members from the state. It was established in August 2012, with the aim of creating a community that appreciates empathy and gives hope to every orphan and needy community, and to alleviate the suffering of the disadvantaged families by providing moral support. The group is set to open a sewing and embroidery workshop for the poor.
The group is also at the top of their game when it comes to providing support to their people.

“Their interaction is very good for this voluntary work. It is enough to strengthen the bonds between members of the society and achieve social solidarity and love among them,” said Salim in gratitude, adding that “the work done in this area is a national duty and humanitarian service to the members of the society”.
Seasonal projects, such as the Ramadan Iftar session; Eid shopping for the poor; school bags and supplies for children going back to school; serving meals for students, among other things, and monthly projects like funds for orphans; groceries for families; mosque maintenance; and free meat distribution can be found on their list of services. Not to mention, the team has played a vital role in helping 250 families and orphans.

The Quriyat Charity Group is looking forward to helping these families and individuals stand on their feet, and guide them to improve their life’s circumstances.
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